Monday, February 8th, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Eileen Gray


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Some of you may have been as stunned as I was when Eileen Gray’s Dragon Chair went for $28 million at the Yves Saint Laurent auction a year ago. While I find this figure rather ridiculous, I glean a lot of inspiration from my latest book acquisition, EILEEN GRAY. I’m also seeing some of the roots of Kelly Wearstler’s latest Bravura Modern phase (I’ve been trying to understand that since that Domino with her pool house in it came out). Now I am starting to see it everywhere!

You are probably more familiar with the Eileen Gray side table. They use it on practically every episode of HGTV’s The Stagers (I love that show, Canadian accents are the greatest, eh?):

My latest inspirations have come from her early play with geometry, namely the squares and rectangles she seemed to embrace before she got into curves. The following are from her lacquer phase:

Her Bilboquet Table: I love those Jenga-like legs!:

This woman was rocking tassels on her Lotus Table before Jonathan Adler’s parents, maybe even his grandparents, were even born:

You know, this post is going to get to darn long. I think I’ll stop here before Monday is over and continue showing you some treats from the fabulous Ms. Gray next Monday!

Dragon Chair image via Unbeige

Side Table image via amazon

All other images via EILEEN GRAY: Design and Architecture, published by TASCHEN