Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Cressida Campbell Woodblock Paintings


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Apparently I’m discovering this wonderful artist very late in the game, because her book is already sold out. However, since it will be reprinted this month, I wanted to make sure that anyone else like me who missed it the first time around gets a second chance! Cressida Campbell creates beautiful woodblock paintings of interiors (as well as many other subjects; Paperbarks is my favorite). She is drawn to patterns, which must mean she loves a challenge, as the thought of how in the world to engrave them on timber and then get the colors right is daunting.

A recent spread in Vogue Living Australia offers a few peaks into Ms. Campbell’s lovely beach home in Sydney. She has arranged the art over this sofa in such a pleasing way, which is no easy feat. It almost makes me think that champion arranger sfgirlbybay stopped by and assisted her!

As I post this, the reissue of the book is not yet available (it is sold internationally through, but I’ll keep my eye out for it and let you know when it is.

Book cover image from

Second and third photographs by Chris Court for Vogue Living Australia Nov./Dec. 08