Friday, April 17th, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Around the Web this Week


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Now that I’m finally addicted to Twitter, I found this great link over at dezeen via Paul Pincus. Be sure to check out the entire post for a ton of great exterior and interior photographs:


Long Tall House is a residential project in Tokyo, Japan, by Kagawa Takanori and Tappei Ito of Spacespace.


This is cool! Wallpaper* magazine has a interactive floor plans on the site. Check it out here.


Scrumptious journals by Patty Van Dorin that I will never be able to begin to rival over at decor8, as well as the South of France book:

photo via

Still laughing at the moggitgirls snark. Here’s a favorite from this week.

Got a “sneak peak” at the home of Meg Crossley, editor of Canadian House and Home magazine (a great glossy to pick up in these dark days of magazines folding) via Poppytalk:

photo by Poppytalk via Design*Sponge Guest Blog

I fear Twitter is feeding my increasing A.D.D. problem. I want all the information right now in 140 character words or less. With links. Feed me, feed me, feed me! I haven’t really read any blogs the old fashioned way since I joined, I just wind up following the ones I like and using their Twitter links. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon, as I am late to the Twitter party anyway. I tried to figure it out back when Design Public joined and I had no idea what it was. Now I just want to do my Hatch blog posts in 140 characters or less. Is all this typing and photo insertion really necessary, or should I just “RT” all day long? I don’t know! Should I even bother to have real conversations with my friends, or just “@” them back on Twitter? Just how much more will my grammar deteriorate as I struggle to keep everything as brief as possible? 



Monday, March 30th, 2009

Fantastic Bart Prince Organic Architecture in Wallpaper*


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Did you catch the post where I showed you Barbie Benton’s home, The Copper Palace in Aspen? I’m wondering if Wallpaper* caught it too, as the April issue is chock full of transcendent photographs of Bart Prince’s organic architecture. I LOVE this plan of this ambitious house (wow, can I really call it a “house?”). It looks like some sort of alien insect with a horn for a nose:

All I can think of when I look at that is that some masochistic drafting teacher in a foul mood might force his/her students to draft this:

This month’s Wallpaper* is a must buy. I’m so glad the magazine is cool and meaty again.

photos by Nikolas Koenig for Wallpaper*


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Modern Wallpaper/Vogue Living Australia


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Here is a lesson in being aware of what is right under your nose when you are in your January “I’m going to get organized this year” frenzy.

With the demise of so many of my favorite American shelter mags lately, I’ve had to search for glossies from abroad to get my fix lately. As I flipped through Vogue Living Australia, I marked a few pages to scan and share with you. My favorite image was this one:

I thought “Wow! Those Aussies are so fabulously stylish and creative. Spending a few extra bucks on a foreign magazine is SO worth it to see inspiration like this. They just have a style sensibility I don’t see everyday.”*

Color me embarrassed for myself. After I scanned the image, I realized that the paper was Graham and Brown, and that it’s been right under my nose on the site I work for every day. This is the same image we use for their Viva Turquoise and Gold by Barbara Hulanicki paper right here on this site. Translating this little lesson into my life means I must remember to look around in those forgotten drawers and storage areas that I walk past every day before I go seeking items from more exotic locales!

*This is not to discount the inspiration I glean from foreign magazines and travel. Flipping through images from thousands of miles always expands my design horizons. Austrailia in particular is home to some of my favorite glossies, designers, and bloggers. Here’s another fabulous image from the issue:

cover image by James Merrell for Vogue Living Australia

I cannot find photo credits for the other shots; if anyone knows, please leave a comment so I can properly credit them here!


Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Q&A with Susie Mendive of SUM Wallpaper


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I never thought I would say this, but thanks to designers like Susie Mendive of SUM I am actually ecstatic wallpaper has made such a solid comeback. This is gen-u-ine excitement. My parents coated our home with wallpaper in the early 80’s, and it wasn’t pretty. It was so bad I remember as a little girl trying to peel it off to hint to my parents that they needed to do something with the walls. Now, times are different and I want to paper my walls myself!

Wallpaper actually gets me all riled up so I apologize in advice for my lengthy list of questions with Susie Mendive. Enjoy!

I know a bit about your background…a graphic designer with a graduate degree from North Carolina then to LA then to NY as art director with stila cosmetics…but I think there are some holes, especially in how you transitioned from branding cosmetics to designing modern wallpaper. Tell us more! How did SUM come together?

It happened very organically. I very much wanted to design and produce my own product and call all the shots. It just made sense at that point in my career. There is a lot of hard work involved and it can be consuming but I like taking it one step at the time.

Tell us about the name, SUM. How did you come up with this?

My husband and I were in Tokyo and it just hit me, Su is from Susie and M from Mendive but more than that it was the idea of a total home concept…SUM of all parts. A total approach to design and living.

The female silhouettes of your Floral Femme Fatale prints are an amazing graphic. They have a significant presence let alone bring Read the rest of this entry »


Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

A Piggyback on Black and White Bedding


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Cavern Home Blackbird Wallpaper

I came across this image from Cavern Home shortly after Becky posted last week on Black and White Bedding and I knew right away that this was something I had to share. This space may be a bit too “matchy matchy” for some, but visually I think this room is stunning! Can you imagine the room without the Blackbird Wallpaper? I surely can’t. I try to vision the wallpaper replaced with wall art and I think, “No, no, no.” It might work if the pieces were super simple and super white and super clean, like large white frames with white matting and a simple image in the center, but it wouldn’t have the same feel. I think Cavern Home hit the head on the nail with this place. Bravo Cavern Home! Bravo!

To recreate the look checkout the Cavern Home Blackbirds Wallpaper options on DP.