Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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Wallpaper*’s October issue was so good this month that I headed straight over to to check out what they had going on. They have Cool Hunting as a guest editor (I have to say, I much preferred Cool Hunting to Karl Lagerfeld’s spread). They have tons of cool videos like this one of the straw barn being constructed. They have slideshows from far away fashion shows and furniture and design fairs that I would never otherwise be able to “attend.” Here are just a few of my favorites:

A slideshow of The Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. I was sure when I saw this it was designed by Corbusier, but it was designed by Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla in 1938 as a private residence.

The slideshow of landscape hotels, entitled Cabin Class, has me yearning to take off for the woods. This is my kind of camping:

  • Top image is Paolo Navone for Reichenbach, as seen at the Maison et Objet Fair in Paris
  • Second image by Jannes Linders
  • Third image by Jae Feinberg

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009



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This month’s issue of Wallpaper* gets an A+. It has a nudie cover with a hidden message on it, some fashion, some Siza, some Danish design, Antoni Burakowski’s home, and it showed me this hotel for the first time:

It’s a hotel by VHM in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Wow, I am really drawn to this and I’m not sure why. Is it a fascination with this:

? Stacking seems to be a trend in architecture lately, including white gift boxes:

The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. And this glass box madness:

Have you seen any others around? Share with the class in the comments section!

You know what’s funny? As I linked over to my old posts after writing this post, I realize I am saying the same things over and over again without wavering in my opinions whatsoever, or even having a deja-vu that I’ve said it before! That really cannot be a good thing. I’d better start eating more brain food and doing crosswords.

  • Stacked Hotel photo by Dan Holdsworth for Wallpaper*
  • Jenga photo linked to source
  • New Museum photo from here.
  • 56 Leonard renderings via Curbed (head over there for a huge range of comments and opinions on this design), copyright Herzog and de Meuron, Basel 2008