Friday, August 22nd, 2008

If I Were Off to College I Would…Part One of a Few: Wall Decor


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I decided after writing about college bedding that the dorm decor advice station shouldn’t stop with sheets and duvets. There are so many other dorm decorating tips that need to be dished out. Thus, this is numero uno in a multi-part serious: “If I was off to college I would….”

If I were (corrected: thanks Adam!) off to college I would…seriously think about what you plan to put on your walls. Shortly after college begins there will be loads of sidewalk vendors attempting to sell the cliché “College” John Belushi from Animal House poster, or an overly large image of Bob Marley’s head, or something related to beerz. Although John, Bob, and beerz are great, put your blinders on! You can do better than that.

At most schools you are not “supposed” to nail items to the walls and many colleges have tight restrictions and what types of adhesives you can use…that is when a light bulb went off in my head…wallbands! These puppies only require a bit of water to get them up and down…and they won’t leave anything on your walls when the school year is over. Have a look-see at a few twenty2 wallband visuals to get an idea:

twenty2 Seymour Wallbands

twenty2 Dixon WallBand

twenty2 Gala Wallband Read the rest of this entry »