Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Mad Men: Betty Updates the Living Room


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“A modern Chinoiserie breakfront, a Dunbar Japanese-influenced sofa, silk Dupriani drapes, Murano vases, and a classic Drexel end table.”

-Betty Draper’s Decorator

I find set design so fascinating, especially when they completely nail the surroundings from a certain era. Mad Men takes place during such a transitional time, and it’s so much fun to see different influences showing up in the design. Here Mad Men‘s set designer explains how this breakfront set the tone for the room and everything else followed it. LOVE this bar set…

…and this stereo:

Love what I think is purple grasscloth, the orange trim on the drapes…

The art is getting a bit more abstract. Oh, and I love that Betty doesn’t care a bit about the hearth being the heart of her home…

…so she covers it up with this fainting couch:

The decor is a major part of this show, and I’m so glad that this week’s episode really gave it its due.

all images via amc.com from this video.