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Thursday, August 20th, 2009

The Panton Chair


Posted by Becky | View all posts by Becky

I haven’t done any new lazy environmental improvements lately. There, I admit it. You know what? It’s hard coming up with one every week, especially in lazy summertime. It’s hot down here, it’s all I can do to drag the overstuffed recycling bin out to the curb every other week. Therefore, I don’t deserve to pick a sustainable product of the week. Now if only they would make the Panton chair out of recycled plastic, we might have a homerun. Apparently, they don’t. However, I don’t see how anyone could ever throw one of these away, so you know, at least there’s that.

To my point, I was collecting images of this chair on another website the other day and realized that the Panton chair pops up absolutely everywhere. Although a mental buzzer has gone off whenever I’ve seen one,  I could not believe how many different styles and materials coordinate with this crazy plastic chair. It must inspire people to see how many different ways they can make it work. This shot from Nicole Hollis is one of my favorites:

As is this shot of some hot pink ladies lounging gardenside from desiretoinspire (pssst: Kim, I’m so glad you finally got yours, and they look smashing!):

desiretoinspire has a great collection of Panton chair shots here.

This post would not be complete without the St. Bartholomew’s Church shot:

I tend to be more impressed with these when I see them en masse, but sometimes a single chair makes a powerful statement. Are you a fan? Would you use a group of them at your table or just one or two at the head/ends? Would you get them in the same color or mix it up? Use them indoors or outdoors? Or would someone have to pay you a million bucks to put one in your house? Let us know in the comments.