Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Downsizing and Simplifying: Mitt Romney


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I just got my internet going for the first time since this morning (comcast – ugh!) and now I am GORGING. While catching up on the latest Huffington Post entries, I perused the slide show of Mitt Romney’s humble ski chalet in Deer Valley Utah. Apparently, the Romneys are “downsizing and simplifying.” Maybe he’s going to follow the current hot political trend of thinking about Abe Lincoln, and trading down for a one-room log cabin. Can you imagine how much it would cost to heat this massive manor? It is 9,500 square feet. They have so many lights on for this photo that at first glance I thought it was on fire. I’m just picturing those energy meters going around and around at warp speed when I look at this:

I’m all for big timber, stone fireplaces, and a bit of hokey-ness in a mountain house, but the decor in this thing is so over-the-top fugly it makes me retch. In a 5.25 million dollar house, I expect a little better. Some of those light fixtures belong in the ugly lighting hall of fame. Ugh, and that wooden cowhide-covered coffee table, words escape me:

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