Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Trendy Tuesday: Small Donkeys?


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I am enjoying pouring over the September issue of Elle Decor so much – it’s a goodie! The glass house in New Canaan, a town we like to keep our eye on, was an inspired remodel of a classic modern house that had been somewhat “colonialized” over the years. I like that the family and the designers wanted to appreciate the original intent of the house, but did not feel shackled by restoring every last little impractical bit of it back to 1960, or limit themselves to strictly mid-century furnishings. There’s a gorgeous slideshow over at elledecor.com shot by William Waldron of the whole house. Here’s a sneak peek:

But I have to say what caught my eye the most, besides Michael Bay’s house, which made me think “hey, that’s the house from Hogan Knows Best!”, which immediately filled me with deep shame, were these animals. Were they donkeys or mini-horses? Turns out, they are mini donkeys. Yup, a couple of asses, just hangin’ around the perfectly manicured pool in the Hamptons. Are miniature donkeys the new trendy pet? Should the pot bellied pigs be worried? It says the owner/designers, Amy and Todd Hase are Francophiles. Does this mean miniature donkeys are all the rage in Paris? Will Kanye get one and get it platinum horseshoes from Jacob the Jeweler? Time will tell.