Thursday, May 15th, 2008

DP Designers in the News


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I know, a DP designer is featured in the news nearly everyday, but upon the event that you didn’t see the latest features in the Los Angeles or New York Times…I’ll share ’em!

First up: Looolo Textiles in the New York Times

Looolo Textiles feature in the New York Times

The folks at design*sponge also just did an awesome sneek peek into Joanna Notkin’s home (designer of Looolo Textiles).

DP Designer Feature #2: Mod Mom Furniture article in the Los Angeles Times

Mod Mom Furniture in the LA Times

This past weekend I went home to Colorado to visit the parents. While there my dad pulled out the Home and Garden section of the L.A. Times and said, “Hey Ali, look at this article I saved for you…this mom is making toy boxes in her garage!” My response: “Whoa! We just added her to our site!” My pop had no idea that Mod Mom Furniture was now part of DP, but thanks to that article we had a nice father/daughter bonding moment.

View all Looolo Textiles and Mod Mod Furniture pieces on DP.


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Q&A with Kiersten Hathcock of Mod Mom Furniture


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Mod Mom FurnitureThe newest addition to the DP family: Mod Mom Furniture. Mod Mom, aka Kiersten Hathcock, personally designs and builds all of her modern, mid-century inspired children’s furniture from her home garage.

Personally, I think it is hard to beat beautiful handmade furniture built by a mom with a power saw.

Enjoy the Q&A!

We know a little bit about your story…ex-TV network marketing executive turned stay-at-home mom turned self-taught furniture designer/builder. I absolutely love that you went for the power tools rather than the sewing machine or knitting needles. Now we want the full scoop. How did Mod Mom Furniture really get off the ground?

Mod Mom Furniture really came out of me needing two things: 1.) Another source of income (since we lost my salary) and 2.) An outlet to channel all the drive and creativity that surprisingly didn’t go away when I decided to stay home with the kids (then 6-months and 4-years). After leaving the corporate world, I took freelance marketing jobs and even nannied to help make ends meet but also be home with the kids. During that time, in 2005, I rekindled my love for woodworking while building a tiki bar and luau tables with a friend for my husband’s birthday party. I had forgotten how much fun it was to build and started to really think about how I could turn it into a business.

I started very slowly building toy bins and selling them to friends (who were kind enough not to point out the flaws because they wanted to be Read the rest of this entry »