Friday, February 7th, 2014

Cool Stuff We Spied Around the Web This Week


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What caught your attention on the web this week? Certainly there was plenty of Sochi not-so-funny terrible conditions fall over the internet. Here are five things that made me say wow this week.

1. Swimming on the Metro. The proposals for the abandoned Metro stations in Paris was my favorite link this week. Can you imagine if this:

Magically transformed into this?

What a beautiful and unique subterranean spot for getting some laps in.

Photos via NK Paris and RATP/ 20 Minutes; story via Messy Nessy Chic

2. Sochi, oh Sochi. I don’t know where to start, but this graphic certainly lightened the mood for me. Yes, I’m 12, potty humor gets me every time. I have to wonder about the graphic artist who had to sit and illustrate things like “don’t put a fishing pole in the toilet,” or “don’t do your business in the ‘upper deck.'” Is the one on the bottom right some sort of Olympic athlete-caliber calisthenic? That position looks tougher than eight-angle pose:

photo via @SebToots/Twitter

3. Thomas Wold adds his magic to Pinterest’s offices. I was so excited to see ingenious designer Thomas Wolds installation at Pinterest get attention from The Wall Street Journal online as well as at Fast Company. Though I would like to state for the record that I asked him for an interview about it months ago but the man was too busy building more magical things. Way to go Thomas!

Photo by Victor Ng

4. Other people’s Facebook Movies (or even your own). JUST KIDDING! Seriously Facebook, when we X it out as “annoying or unintesting,” stop putting them in our news feeds! Sheesh.

5. Vintage NASA photographs. There’s something so cool about these, I want to blow one or two up and design a room around them. I think it would be really neat for a kid’s room as well:

photo by Neil Armstrong/NASA via

What kinds of cool things did you catch on the internet this week? Please let us know in the Comments section.

Also, we’ve been trying our hand at Instagram (I know, we’re WAY behind the times on that one!) Please feel free to give us any suggestions on how we can be better Instagrammers, we could use the help. Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Designer Interviews: Thomas Wold


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Thomas Wold Mushroom Coffee Table

I had the chance to catch up with Thomas Wold, who goes WAY back with this company, last week for another site I write for, and I wanted to share the interview with you in case you didn’t see it. Thomas is just such an amazingly creative dude, and one of the nicest coolest people around. These images are of some of his pieces that we sell here (click on the images to link to how to buy them if you’re interested). The interview is here.

Thomas Wold Block Party Book Case

Thomas Wold Block Party Credenza


Friday, April 8th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Thomas Wold’s Mystery House Piece


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I think I have a new favorite Thomas Wold Project. The exuberant light and color this assemblage is emitting adds a whole new level of fun to his work.

Thomas Wold Mystery House

I love seeing the pieces before Thomas puts them together and have this mental image of how his mental images work, with pieces of tables and cabinets and door and legs swirling around, landing in different compositions, then moving again. Check out this post on his blog and you’ll recognize an element or two.

Thanks to Thomas for posting this in our Fresh New Spaces Group!

More pieces by Thomas Wold

Image by markham johnson photography


Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Reclaiming and Repurposing


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Today’s flickr fave comes from our industrious and creative pal, furniture designer Thomas Wold. Thomas collects and reassembles cabinetry and other furniture and creates spectacular assemblages. I’m especially loving the mix of colors and shapes in this one, and the fact that I can squint at the picture and get a peek at what else is going on in Thomas’s studio and try to guess what’s coming next!

thomas wold-rock candy


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Flickr Faves on Friday: Sexy Secretary


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As I was flipping through my Flickr favorite folder, I came across this piece by one of our favorite designers, Thomas Wold. To learn all about how the piece, created by found pieces, came to be, check out Thomas’s blog post about it. To shop Thomas Wold, click here.