Friday, January 23rd, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Around the Web This Week


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1) I cut this Boston Globe Magazine story out of the paper over the holidays and just found it wedged in a Soduku book in my carry-on. It’s about Nicole Freedman, whom they are calling “The Spokes Woman.” Freedman has a background in urban planning and is now Boston’s Bike Czar. rallying for bike share programs (like this one I told you about in Paris) and better bike lanes.

2) On a related note, here’s a clever bike lane light post over at Shelterrific. It’s from Good magazine, where we learned about guerrilla bike lanes a few months ago:

3) This image over at swiss miss brightens up a rainy day:

4) Melissa Hom turned the camera around on one of our very favorite photographers/bloggers Todd Selby – I spied him in his own home over at New York Magazine. By the way, any headline that mentions A.C. Slater will grab my attention every time! That magazine has some of the best article titles.

5) What do you think of “log” cabins made from concrete logs? I’m with Joe Campeau who says “Architecture 101 says respect the integrity of the materials…material should represent itself and not another material. Simply put, they’re fake.”

Yea or nay on the logless log home? I suppose we could get into a big semantic argument over the definition of “log.” Does it imply a shape and color to you or material? What do you associate log cabins with (it’s Laura Ingalls Wilder for me all the way)? Would you forgo the integrity of the material in exchange for low maintanence? Wouldn’t you rather have a house that celebrates its material like this one?

2) from Good, via Shelterrific

3) photo by Sam Spenser via szymon via swiss miss

4) photo by Melissa Hom for New York Magazine

5) photo by Janie Osborne for The New York Times


Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

A New Addiction: The Selby


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Thanks to DP’s Antoi (one of the most incredible web scourers out there), I have recently become a The Selby junkie. Antoi’s description of the site is perfect: “A bit like The Sartorialist but for personal spaces.”

Great photos + tons of characters (like fashion designers, artists, musicians, librarians, magazine editors, actors, directors, grandpa cobrasnake) + modern home decor inspiration = my ultimate dream come true. I would highly recommend clicking through a featured home to see more of the space as well as creative handwritten interviews.

This changes daily, but currently my favorite space is Matthew Eikelberger’s home (boutique manager, artist and musician)…

And my favorite character/image compilation has to be Boppy (grandpa cobrasnake)…

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