Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Apps: Got (I.D.) Wood?


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I was just informed about yet another design-related iPhone app (I am really behind on the app bandwagon – my friends are always bonking their iPhones together and figuring out our social schedules with Urban Spoon, and I can barely sync my phone). This one is called I.D. Wood. In a nutshell:

I.D. Wood allows a user to quickly browse by Wood Samples, Species Names or Other Names to aide in quick identification. Categories allow for quickly finding woods of a particular use, durability or sustainable status.

I have this image of this app saving Jeff Lewis from bringing a million stain samples to that celebrity hairdresser client of his on Flipping Out.

To learn more, click here.


Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

New iPhone App for Interior Design Junkies


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What do you get when you mesh an iPhone with an interior designer? Either a really style savvy phone, an interior designer who is always connected or perhaps a bit of both. In this case I’m talking about the new Mark on Call iPhone/iPod Touch application. Created by L.A. based interior designer Mark Lewison, the app will let you create rooms in accurate shapes and sizes, lay down flooring, add and place architectural pieces, appliances, furniture…you name it, all via your phone. You can even take iPhone photos of colors and textiles and place them in the room to see what works what doesn’t. I’ve seen people come into our office with intricate sketches of their spaces trying to decide what will go where…but now you can do it all by phone!

My, how technology rocks/rules our world.

Video from Mark on Call