Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Guerrilla Knitting in The Old Fourth War


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I met a friend for lunch today in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, and as I was cutting through a parking lot I noticed a bit of guerrilla knitting over on Edgewood Avenue. I had just been reading about this phenomenon a few days ago (can’t remember where) but I do remember a blogging about a clever tree or two a few years ago, before I knew about the “guerilla.” It was fun to see this street tree (I think it’s a Japanese Zelkova) wearing a red legwarmer right in my own city:

Inspired by the beautiful sunshine and the vibrancy of the neighborhood, I took a few more camera phone shots of the cutest darn store in the world, Lottafrutta and thought I’d share:

They even have lime green construction cones!

The fun of the fruit continues to the side door:

In fact, there’s even a bit of fun out by the trash:

There’s also a rare (in Atlanta) Art Deco building across the street from Lottafrutta, complete with tropical palm trees – now that’s location:

There’s a growing Flickr pool full of guerrilla knitting, check it out here. By the way, they spell it with one “r.” I could never figure out why I could not remember how to spell this word, but it looks like it can be spelled both ways (?). My spellcheck seems to prefer “rr”:

P.S. A shameless request for advice: As you may have guessed from my cruddy camera phone pictures, my digital camera bit the dust. Does anyone have any advice on one they love that’s pretty easy for a non-photographer?