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When I was writing the post about Jenga buildings the other day, I had not seen the photos of the Axis Viana Hotel from the front. It’s interesting how different the feel is, as the horizontal is exaggerated and manipulated , while the shot I shared before accentuates the vertical when it is viewed from the narrow side. Also, this shot shows the rhythm of the window spacing and how it relates to the larger lines of the building. At this angle there is almost a mirrored UPC code thing happening (to my bleary eyes anyhow):

Also, because of budget overruns mostly due to an underground pool, the interiors the lead architect designed were cut from the project. This area seems nice in its simplicity, though most of its appeal can be credited to the architecture:

While I find this stairway appealing…

…this boring area next to it reminds me of the Naug Lounge at the A-School at UVA in the 1990s-early 2000s. For those of you who never had the pleasure, this is NOT a compliment:

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