Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Met Home Showtime Showhouse


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I am a huge fan of most of the Showtime original shows, so the Metropolitan Home Showhouse Showtime theme is so appealing to me (even a room inspired by by Dexter). The Tribeca tour is running on weekends through October 18, and all of the proceeds from the $20 tickets go to Housing Works.

Whoopsy, the picture above is from last year’s Dexter house, thanks to Maria for clarifying in the comments section! Dexter’s rooms for 2009 are right here. The entire pointclickhome slideshow for this year is here.

Decorated Life is covering each room after her visit. I know I’ll enjoy seeing all the rooms through her blog! Here’s one of her shots of the hospital/pill-themed Nurse Jackie Waiting Room/Lounge:

Tour the Californication house at pointclickhome:

images from, Decorated Life, and pointclickhome respectively. Click on photos to link to the original sources.