Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Ali’s DIY Shelving


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DIY Shelving

I know we are not out of the recession yet so I thought I’d share our DIY shelving project. If you have a drill to make some holes in a few wood boards, you can make this!

Here’s what you need, all of which can  be found at your local hardware store:

*  3 fir boards (good to let these dry out a bit so sap doesn’t get all over your things)
*  6 all thread rods
*  36 sets of nuts and washers to sandwich the boards
*  6 coupling hex nuts to use as feet
*  a drill

1.) Drill holes in all four corners as well as in the center edges of the boards. We stacked all three boards on top of one another so the holes would be placed in a similar spot on each board.

2.) Put a hex nut on each rod. Add a nut/washer above the hex nut. Insert the rods in the freshly cut holes of one of the boards. Sandwich the board with another set of nuts/washers.

DIY Shelving #1

3.) Add another set of nuts/washers to each rod placing the set at the midpoint of the rod. Top it off with a board and again sandwich the wood with the nuts/washers. Continue this process for the top board.

4.) Make sure you have some bad TV on in the background. Read the rest of this entry »