Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Modern Gardens


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Hey all! I’ve had modern gardens on the brain lately, rounding up images from the interwebs and dreaming that my backyard wasn’t a mosquito-infested jungle. Here are a few standouts.

The dramatically high artificial green wall emphasizes the vertical and serves as a lush (appearing) contrast to the sleek white Richard Schultz furniture. I love the way they restricted the palette to almost all green, white and black — it makes the space appear larger and it’s very calming.

Rees Roberts + Partners LLC

In this New York City townhouse, clipped hedges and a crisp edge along the pool create minimalist lines.  The result is a serene oasis. Please note that you should not plant bamboo unless you have a very controlled space like this; it will spread like wildfire. Even in a space like this, the roots should be controlled by planting it in a container beneath (and often it will manage to jump that as well).

Saul Zaiks Fort House 1962 - photo by Lincoln Barbour

Originally built in 1962, this mid-century home was designed by Saul Zaiks. It recently underwent a renovation by Mosaik Design. The home has a wonderful relationship to the site, nestled into the landscape and enjoys views through large windows to the outdoors. A small wood deck floats over the concrete deck, and the plants soften the edges in the courtyard.

by Little Miracles Design

This modern patio mixes squares and rectangles, and warms things up with rich wood. The furniture is clean-lined yet comfortable. Best of all, there’s a fantastic fire pit for getting toasty on cool nights.

photo via Flickr member Philip Lench

Finally, this beautiful garden seems to take its inspiration from Europe and the Japan, reinterpreting the elements into an artful modern scene.

How are our outdoor spaces shaping up for summer? Please share your plans with us in the Comments section.