Friday, January 6th, 2012

Around the Web This Week: Airstream Video, Slideshow, Political Cartoons and Design Resolutions


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1) In Praise of Airsteam Design: Loving this inspiring video from Dwell magazine, featuring Christopher Deam and timeless design at its best in the form of the Airstream trailer:

O.K., I couldn’t figure out how to embed it, so link over by clicking on this line!

2) A Sleek-Meets-Crumbly Reno in Denmark: I’m loving this New York Times slideshow of a once-crumbling townhouse in Rotterdam, especially the way the Dutch architect Rolf Bruggink has kept the best of the crumbles inside the otherwise-slick renovation:

Image by Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

3. The Best of 2011 Political Cartoons: I’m a big Mike Luckovich fan, so I thoroughly enjoyed his list of favorite political cartoons from 2011. As a bonus, he explained why he liked each cartoon. This one is my favorite, as it addresses my biggest pet peeve: People with no phone etiquette:

Image by Mike Luckovich, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

4. New Year’s Resolutions at Home: Yahoo listed ten resolutions to try and conquer at home. Saying you’re going to do all ten is probably setting yourself up for failure, so shoot for two and hope you do at least one (dare to dream, my friends, dare to dream.). The best ones to attack right now, IMHO, because they will save you major bucks over the next year are:

-The home energy audit (seal up those drafty leaks while it’s this cold out and energy prices are high).

-Ditching the storage space! What do you have in there? Would Barry from Storage Wars be psyched to find it or would even that magpie Jarrod think it was junk? Have you missed one single thing that’s in there? Add up how much you’ve spent on the space so far and it will make you ill.

Photo courtesy of A&

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