Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Revolutionary Road Sets


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In my post-Oscar haze, I remembered I wanted to share images from the Revolutionary Road sets with you right after I saw the movie, but I forgot. I was surprised that no one from the film, besides Michael Shannon, was nominated for an Academy Award, as all of the performances were excellent. This is a movie where the sets add so much to the story and give added insight about the characters. The Wheelers are a couple who hoped to live a bohemian Greenwich Village lifestyle in the late 1950s, but wind up trapped in suburbia. Their commitment to the mid-century colonial pictured above is a large part of the trap.

The house is slightly shabby on the outside due to neglect, as April, the wife, really does not care about impatiens, honey-do lists, or flowering up the mailbox. Inside the decor is in transition between Colonial Americana style and a Scandanavian, mid-century modern aesthetic. Plaid and floral patterns are pushed out for solid colors; frilly fussy furniture is replaced by pieces with cleaner lines, abstract art hangs on some of the old-fashioned wallpapered walls.

The hokey pine cabinets with the fussy hardware are relics that came with the house, yet the Wheelers have picked a Danish looking table and chairs for the kitchen.

The unused living room still has an older aesthetic…

…while the more casual rooms are filled with modern furniture.

The neighboring house, whose owners do not want anything beyond the surburban life, is still full of grandma furniture, which offers an interesting contrast:

It’s funny, though this movie takes place a few years before Mad Men, it’s uncanny how similar the Wheeler and the Draper home sets are, and how much the decor says about the changing times.