Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

A Dreamy Rental Palazzo in Florence


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I was just flipping through Wallpaper* and caught a glimpse of Palazzo Bartolommei, a gorgeous penthouse apartment in Florence. I am getting the urge to return to Italy and this newly-redesigned space is causing serious daydreaming distraction. From what I can tell, it starts at 1000 Euros/night, but it has five bedrooms, a fully outfitted kitchen, a terrace (from which you can hear concerts at the nearby church) and marble bathrooms. Grab a bunch of friends and it can work out to 1000 Euros for the week!

Ilaria Miani has done a beautiful job on this redesign of this 17th-century space. Look closely at that steel trunk used as a nightstand in the photo above.

Find out who the freak in your group is by seeing who picks this bedroom as their first choice:

images from here.