Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Ready Made Magazine – A Must-Buy This Month


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This month’s issue of Ready Made really stood out. I’ve been a fan of the magazine for awhile, but  the April/May issue really takes it to the next level. Ready Made has definitely taken the “k” out of “crafty.” Loved the peak into artist Rex Ray’s 900 square foot home:

Loved the articles about community farms, the “where I live” article about Poncey Highland, Thomas Wold’s wacky found object coat rack, the key challenge’s winning design. Loved it from cover-to-cover!

In semi-Readymade related news, today’s New York Times featured a house I covet in an article titled “When Skateboarders Grow Up.” A Ready Made stylist (perhaps former, I could not find that information), Claire Bigbie, and her boyfriend Jay Shapiro renovated their Noe Valley Victorian beautifully. You MUST check out the slideshow here. Here’s a little teaser:

People who went to RISD sure have the best art and furniture collections. I really need to start hanging out with more people who went to school there!

  • Ready Made cover by Scott Little
  • Rex Ray’s abode photo by Ken Gutmaker for Ready Made
  • Bottom two photos by Timothy Griffith for The New York Times.

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Karen and Andy From Olli & Lime Share Their Flat Renovation


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Andy, Olli & LimeOlli & Lime founders Karen and Andy share their UK flat renovation story. Keep an eye out for the lime green…it makes me drool. Enjoy!

Karen and I live in a condo within a large Victorian-style building converted into flats in the mid-eighties. It was very run down when we bought it but full of potential with high ceilings, large windows on all sides and plenty of light.

Olli & Lime flat

I was sure it was right for us but Karen took some convincing. With hindsight, I think she realized how much work was ahead, having renovated a few properties before. I’d never done anything like this so ploughed ahead in blissful ignorance!

Our motivation for the interior and the layout came from a love of large loft-style apartments typical of New York. We had a desire to replicate that, at least until we could afford the real thing!

First, we stripped everything out, removed all the old carpets, shelves, units etc until we had a blank canvas.

Olli & Lime Flat Renovation

Then we took off all the doors, widened and heightened each doorway and knocked down a few walls, improving the flow throughout. We re-plastered, painted everything white and laid walnut flooring.

Olli & Lime Hall

We lived with white for a while before adding feature walls in the lounge, office and bedroom.

Olli & Lime Bedroom

Our taste is minimal and contemporary but with a retro twist, pretty much like our kids designs, so you’ll notice Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Lights Up! Gets Some Apartment Therapy Love


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I have absolutely no time to read all my favorite blogs this week and construct a post with my favorite links, but I was excited to see the Meridian Pendant in mumm by Lights Up! receive some AT love the other day. I originally bought this lamp for my own home at DRTC here in Atlanta, and when Drew, a founder of Design Public came to visit, I showed it to him and told him we simply must find out the vendor and carry it at DP. That was years ago, and the graphic prints of the Lights Up! fixtures are still going strong.

In following the AT Before/After story of the Lights Up! owners Nick and Kate (photographed above), I followed the trail to another favorite blog, Door Sixteen. Apparently, Nick and Kate inquired about the pendant lamp they spied in Door Sixteen’s New Years Eve Party Post, which is this lovely piece from another favorite of mine, Mibo. The uber-renovators over at Door Sixteen led Nick and Kate over to Design Public, where they eventually picked out their mumm Meridian Pendant Lamp.

I’m starting to feel like Elaine on Seinfeld typing all of these exclamation points. When I actually take the time to edit my own posts (which is, ah, ahem, not that often, usually after I’ve posted and read it live and say “oh crud, this post is a disaster.”), I find myself cutting out exclamation point after exclamation point, so you are kind of killing me right now, Lights Up!(!!!)!

Nick and Kate’s photos swiped from Apartment Therapy Boston

Door Sixteen photos swiped from Door Sixteen’s Apartment Therapy House Tour – you MUST check this out if you haven’t already! Door Sixteen hit my radar during The Homies blog contest; it’s an excellent renovation and design blog, and the photography rocks.