Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Dream Real Estate: My Favorite House


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Every time I walk from my house to Piedmont Park, I pass this house and drool. This photo does not even do it justice. It has this low country charming style, and it was built in 1916, the same year the viaduct to Piedmont Park was built and connected my neighborhood and others beyond it to downtown Atlanta. The house has a magnificent front porch, two bedrooms upstairs with fireplaces and French doors out to that top deck, a nice sized kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors, a gorgeous front staircase equipped with a curved wooden banister, a screened-in porch, a large sleeping porch on the back, and even a garage with a man-cave room upstairs covered in horizontal beadboard. For the complete tour and more information, click here. To contact the real estate agent, see comment #5 below for email and phone information.

Yesterday on the way back from the park we noticed this baby is for sale and we actually went in for the open house. I know people go to open houses for entertainment purposes, but I hate to waste a realtor’s time when I am not actually in the market for a house and I usually never do it. However, yesterday I had to break down and make an exception. I was hoping the house would have 50 years of newspapers inside and smell like cat pee, so I would not covet it so much. It was the opposite – the house was airy and light and so charming I wanted to move in right away, and I hate moving! It’s a block from Piedmont Park, Trader Joe’s and the artsy movie theater – does location get any better than that?

Where’s your dream house? Have you ever seen it come on the market and consider about some hellish move  just to inhabit it?

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