Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Ready Made Magazine – A Must-Buy This Month


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This month’s issue of Ready Made really stood out. I’ve been a fan of the magazine for awhile, but  the April/May issue really takes it to the next level. Ready Made has definitely taken the “k” out of “crafty.” Loved the peak into artist Rex Ray’s 900 square foot home:

Loved the articles about community farms, the “where I live” article about Poncey Highland, Thomas Wold’s wacky found object coat rack, the key challenge’s winning design. Loved it from cover-to-cover!

In semi-Readymade related news, today’s New York Times featured a house I covet in an article titled “When Skateboarders Grow Up.” A Ready Made stylist (perhaps former, I could not find that information), Claire Bigbie, and her boyfriend Jay Shapiro renovated their Noe Valley Victorian beautifully. You MUST check out the slideshow here. Here’s a little teaser:

People who went to RISD sure have the best art and furniture collections. I really need to start hanging out with more people who went to school there!

  • Ready Made cover by Scott Little
  • Rex Ray’s abode photo by Ken Gutmaker for Ready Made
  • Bottom two photos by Timothy Griffith for The New York Times.