Thursday, October 15th, 2009

When Comfort Food is In, Comfort Furniture is too…


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Just a tweet-like post to share a really interesting article in The New York Times home section today. First of all, I never knew Shabby Chic went out of business. Second, I thought the Target line tended to highlight the cheesy and outdated part of the style. Third, the real Shabby Chic sheets and duvet covers will instantly cure insomnia, I am not exaggerating. I am over my huge Shabby Chic phase which dominated my style in the mid to late nineties, but I like Rachel Ashwell and hope that she finds success with this new venture.

Be sure to check out the economic/Shabby Chic style timeline in the article. It’s very clever! Oh, and I have to give the reporter, Penelope Green, props for including Shabby Chic fans from Jeff Goldblum to Madam Suzanne from HBO’s Cathouse. Hilarious!

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