Friday, March 6th, 2009

On Politics and Potties


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I just wrote a post for my other blog that is sort of my frivolous fun thing with no focus, no technical know-how, no cool graphics or layout, with more Atlanta-centric talk and with about 12 readers if you include my mother, but I simply had to share this creative, trashy, and YOUR FACE political incident that’s going on in the way-outer ‘burbs of Atlanta.

IN A NUTSHELL: A mayor ratted out a City Councilman to code enforcement for having a messy yard. In getting it up to code, said Councilman saved the toilet that was formerly on its side next to the driveway, and decided to make it a planter, which he calls “folk art.”

The Councilman could spin this as part of a green design as it is an example of reuse. Perhaps it’s a message to the Mayor.

photo by Shane Blatt for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I wonder if as he set up his shot, he laughed and said to himself, “I can’t believe the s*** I have to do at this job!”