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Friday, October 7th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Friday: Cheerful Bohemian in Sweden


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Today’s favorite Flickr pick was added very recently, by blogger Pink Friday, a.k.a. Lisa from Sweden. So glad you added this to our Fresh New Spaces Group Lisa, because it led me over to your blog! This picture makes me want to take a dive into those fabulous pillows and look up at the wonderfully arranged wall of artwork in wonder:

See the rest of Pink Friday’s photostream.


Thursday, August 12th, 2010

In Honor of The 25th Anniversery of St. Elmo’s Fire…


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…May I present Demi Moore’s hilarious, glamorous at the time Georgetown apartment:

JULES: So, what do you think?

KEVIN: Very, uh, subtle…and very pink.

It was decorated by her neighbor Ron:

What’s funny is that it has some touches that remind me of Kelly Wearstler’s current Bravura Modern phase. Very Eighties Miami Vice (what is that thing hanging from the cabinet?!?!):

The piece de resistance is the huge Billy Idol face on the wall, complete with neon light earring. Unfortunately, I could not get a clear shot of this, but you get the idea:

What was most baffling was this clown that remained after Jules’ creditors came an cleaned her out. Apparently the repo men were scared of clowns:

Going back to the beginning of the movie, I can see this thing SAT ON HER BED! Really? Look closely at this bad picture from my tv:

It’s funny, this was really the only set that seemed ridiculously dated. The rest of them are as ageless as Rob Lowe’s face. I’ll share them with you in another post, as this one is getting to be way too long!


Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

The Magnolia Room: Paint Color Inspiration


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My friend Chad is a horticultural expert and landscape architect (and former Monticello guide, and swimmer, and acapella group member, and professor…the man never sleeps!), and he could go on about a blossom for days. So it’s only fitting that he used a Magnolia tree (Saucer Magnolia? My horticultural knowledge does not hold a candle to Chad’s) as the inspiration for paint color. He just moved into his new place and knew the second he looked out the window that the guest room would become The Magnolia Room!

I should add that the room is not done yet. Chad, what in the world is the story with the pink flamingo?

I also love this doorknocker Chad picked out; Chad, if you’re reading, comment and tell us where you found it! Winterthur? Monticello? Smith and Hawkin?

What do you use for color inspiration? Have you ever used a tree or a blossom?


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