Friday, June 21st, 2013

Weekend Project: Prepping the Patio For Summer Fun


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Wallter Post Planters

DP Peeps, it’s the longest day of the year. Do you know the state your patio (or deck, or balcony) is in? Are the kids still making up school days from all that snow this winter and you just haven’t gotten into the summer groove yet? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s time to get on on it.

1. How dirty is it? Hose that sucker down, sweep it, leaf-blow if you must. Start with a clean base. Get your mulch and gravel spread out and looking good.

Oxford Gardens Chadwick 5 Foot Swing

2. Where are you going to sit/lounge/chow down? Moving on, what is the state of your outdoor furniture? Will someone need a tetanus shot before they risk it? If so, attack it with the wire brush, steel wool and rustoleum. Wash your outdoor slipcovers and pillows. If it’s too far gone, kick it to the curb and shop. Thanks to all of our great vendors we have a wide selection of outdoor furniture styles from traditional to contemporary.

OFFI Hugo Pots

3. Is there life out there? Did frozen water crack your favorite terracotta pots? Are they full of last year’s dead plants? Order up some cool planters to accessorize the area. Today’s pots light upcan be stuck in the ground,hang from the fences … there are so many cool options.

Oxford Garden Market Umbrella

4. Wanna throw some shade? How’s that umbrella doing? Is it moldy, faded, leaning oddly or unstable? Perk that baby up and clean it, or get a new one.

Modfire Urbanfire + Modpad

5. Ready for those cold and dark nights? Build a fire pit or buy one. It’s amazing how small and portable you can go with fire these days – it’s much easier than it was at camp. Also, be sure to light up your porch. Hurricanes are a great way to light things up with style, inexpensive cafe lights strung overhead make things starry (just make sure they are rated for outdoor use).

Cheers! You’re ready to mix up the white sangria and throw some veggie burgers on the grill (oh yes, almost forgot, make sure your stocked with charcoal or propane)!


Friday, August 13th, 2010

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Color in the Garden


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Oh this picture that flickr member lakbdesigns/fergusandme submitted to our Fresh New Spaces Group makes me feel exhilarated – LOVE the yellow and turquoise together, the POM POMS and the fun mix of vintage furniture, the lanterns, the flowers, the stone patio – Love Love Love!

To learn more about lakbdesign, check out this website.


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Outdoor Spaces


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Do you have a favorite outdoor space? Please share it with us; I’d love to amass a whole bunch of photos and share them with everyone. Please post a link to your picture in the comments section. Also, we’d love to see it in our Fresh New Spaces group on flickr. For those of you who have iLife 09, uploading to flickr has never been easier, has it? I can’t believe I ever struggled with FTP whatever thingees in the past – now I’ll I do is hit a little flickr icon! It’s heavenly!

I’ll start: Here is one of my favorite outdoor spaces. I shot it at Sun in My Belly in Decatur Georgia. This is an EXCELLENT cafe/bisto restaurant that is decorated with Parisian flair: