Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Green Tip & Product of the Week


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Oops, I forgot to do anything lazy and green last week. I did not decrease my carbon footprint whatsoever, well, except I finally learned how to use my stupid digital thermostat. I had lost the instructions and the thing is surprisingly complicated. I miss my old school thermostat, to tell you the truth. It’s not easy being green sometimes. However, it’s not very hard either.

Anyway, it was hard for me to stop rinsing my dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher. It feels gross. Also, a word to the wise, if you have a bowl with bits of cereal or parmesean cheese stuck to it, you’re going to have to give it a little soak or a wipe in order for it to get clean; your dishwasher is not a miracle worker, however, press on! In Georgia, now that we are conserving water so well, the price of water went up in order to make up for the water company’s lack of profits, which is really bad karma for the water company, but anyway, the less water used, the better and even the cheaper. If you aren’t concerned about water usage yet, go pick up this month’s issue of GOOD magazine. Personally, I’m not real anxious to drink my own urine anytime soon, so I’m happy to do my part to conserve water.

Onto more fun things: The Product! This week I looked under my nose to see if any sustainable products here on DP were calling my name and low and behold, it was the Unison Larch Organic Blanket. This blanket is 100% organic cotton. I love the photographic quality of the image and how striking it is. While I think this looks great in the styled product shot, I can also see it used more as a spread, and in my own home, I think I would drape it over my super boring neutral sofa in order to give it some oomph. This also makes a good wedding present, so long as you have a good idea of the couple’s taste. Personally, I am usually way too disorgainzed to get to order from the registry before all that’s left is a $150 knife from Crate and Barrel.