Friday, February 27th, 2009

Vintage Magazines


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It’s rainy and gross here in Atlanta, which is good, since we’ve been a drought, but it’s the perfect day for looking through these

and to get some scanning done. I thought I’d share a few whacked out organic houses I spied in an old issue of H&G. The top one is my favorite. I think it’s in France, but now I’ve lost the page in a scanning frenzy:

This house seems like it’s for someone on ‘shrooms who wants to live in a ‘shroom:

These images brought to you by Blenko Glass:

Happy Weekend Everybody!


Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Organic Aspen Playboy Real Estate


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How do you get from Playboy to the Organic Architecture Movement? It goes like this: PLAYBOY – THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR ON E! – BARBI BENTON IN ASPEN – BART PRINCE. Only four quick steps! I admit it. I was watching The Girls Next Door on E! yesterday. Hef and his harem went to visit Barbi Benton in her humble abode in Aspen. Holy. Moly. Known as The Copper Palace (and locally as “the double double-wide”; Benton’s husband is a trailer park developer), the house consists of five pods connected by stairways. There are side-by-side lap pools, as Benton and her husband could not agree on a temperature. This is the most normal thing in the entire spread. Wavy walls are coated in stones and other objects, the bed sits upon a rotating platform, there’s a fireplace surrounded by a kiva, the dining table once belonged to Andrew Carnegie, there’s a large disco, complete with, as Bridget put it, “weird, crystal stalagmite type things coming up.” The home itself hovers over the ground and has a mere 25,000 square feet of living space. Interested? It can be yours for the low-low price of $25 million dollars. This sale price, surprisingly enough (no sarcasm intended), would set a record for Aspen if it is met.

The Girls Next Door: Kickin’ It Aspen is on about a million more times this week on E! The episode is basically a half-hour house tour of the house, which, hmmm, seems to coincide perfectly with the house being on the market. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

The home was designed by Bart Prince, who formerly collaborated with Bruce Goff during the heydey of Organic Architecture. If you want to see some amazing examples of The Other Modernism, you MUST visit his website right now.

Here is one more peek at some Bart Prince work. He deserves a few posts of his own, where he’s in the company of Goff, Lautner, Fay Jones and Fallingwater Frank instead of Bridget, Kendra and Holly. Perhaps another day!

Top photos from

Bart Prince Albequerque photo by Steven St. John for the Chicago Tribune. I highly recommend following that link and seeing the rest of Mr. St. John’s Prince photos.