Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

9 By Design – What Did You Think?


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So, 9 by Design wrapped up this week on Bravo. What did you think? I have to say, at first these people really got on my nerves – I think because everything was so hectic – pregnant woman running around moving furniture, six kids yelling, a crazy stressful move, name dropping, claiming to be southern with the oddest accents ever, and a hyper husband. However, these people have TOTALLY grown on me. I think it started when they ran to the flea market and completely transformed their temporary granny rental in about five minutes flat. Then I started to see how sweet they are about helping their friends, and how they scramble for the bucks. Let’s not get it twisted – they make multi, multi millions on the houses they flip, so don’t feel to sorry for them when you see them have a tag sale, however, I like that they are having a tag sale.

Another thing about them: I remember seeing their Great Barrington house (I think it was in Oprah at Home a few years ago) and I’ve never forgotten it. I remember seeing the yellow and white curtains by the front door and assuming it was Kate Spade’s house. I remember a picture of Madonna smoking over the bed, and those vintage stools, and it all made an impression on me. Lately, I see so much design and I’ve seen the same old things blogged and printed in glossies over and over, it’s rare that something stands out (oh, and I should mention, I can feel myself writing the same things over and over – a phenomenon I call “deja blog”). When something is that memorable, I have to respect it. All and all, I’d give this show a thumbs up. It was certainly heading in the right direction by the end of the season – less hectic home stuff, more start to finish projects in a range of sizes, and I think it will have a great season two.

Side Note: I think we need to add oversized sepia tone horse photographs to our design drinking games. I am seeing them EVERYWHERE lately!

Oh, P.S. – you can buy an Ann Carrington Print of the Queen here.

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