Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Around the Web: Light Bright Architecture


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Lately the clever ways architects and photographers have been showing off architecture with colorful lights has been catching my eye. Case in point: Hotel G in Hong Kong, found via Tablet.

Those of you who have stuck with this blog for a long time know that I have a think for buildings that remind me of playing Jenga (which I stink at, by the way). I spied this rendering of Vertical Omotesando by WAI Architecture over on design boom and my Jenga hand got the shakes with excitement. I love the smaller lit volumes within the greater tower’s volume. According to the article, this assemblage was inspired by the horizontal rhythm of the buildings on the street below. The icing on the cake is the way they rendered the glowing colors inside.

This sculpture by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin has been making the rounds, physically and online. It’s called Kolonihavehus, after modest garden sheds in Copenhagen. It’s made of over 1,000 reclaimed pieces of plexiglass. I’m not sure which is more striking; the shot of it all lit up at night, or the way it glows in broad daylight:

If you don’t already know the rest of this building, you’ll be very surprised when you see it, which is what makes this colored wall even more of a delight. It’s the Solar S. Roque Gallery by Manuel Maia Gomes, and it’s located in Vila do Condo, Portugal. Be sure to check out the rest of the virtual tour at ArchDaily.

Spied any Light Bright magic around lately? Please shoot us a link or a photo in the comments section!