Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Ali moved!


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I’m in! I moved! I know there is major love right now for small spaces and I do appreciate how small places limit your material world to only the items you need/love, but I have to admit that having a bit more leg room feels really really good. I have to go against the norm, right?! The biggest factor for me was having a photography business in addition to trying to live in a 502 sq ft cozy corner with odd angles (and two people). The photo gear became a third wheel/roommate.

Anyhow, I managed to throw out my back on after lifting the fourth box that I packed (weak!) so the rest of the weekend was super slow going, but we had amazing movers who piled the heaviest boxes on top of one another and carried them away without breaking more than two sweat drops (per square centimeter). We’ve been in the space for a week and three days now and still have a lot to unpack (which is why I have not shared many photos yet), but I’ve actually had a little fun living amongst the boxes…take a look (and crank up your volume!):

A couple of folks inquired about the general floor plan of the living space so I drafted a very basic layout (I am not an architect or graphic designer, unfortunately). If you have ideas as to how I could arrange things, have at it! So far we have gone through three different setups and liked them all for different reasons. I promise to post more photos next week so you can get a better sense as to what I am really working with. Until then, use your imagination!