Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Six of Our Favorite Modern Fireplaces and Wood Stoves


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Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to be modern and warm. And we’re going to go ahead and take the “warm” literally and aesthetically. Here are a few of our favorite modern and contemporary fireplaces and wood stoves.

red ws

This glossy wood stove has retro and modern-day appeal. It provides a big red exclamation point in the middle of a stark white space. Photo by Bruno Suet


This beautiful home on Cape Cod combines classic mid-century modern architecture with warm touches like cushy upholstery, handmade rugs and a funky twig rocker. But the star of the room is the Fireorb, which looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. It is a new part of the extensive renovations by Hammer Architects, and is suspended from the ceiling and can be turned to face different areas within the space.


This Finnish cabin by Avanto Architects is minimalist yet super-toasty. There’s nothing like falling asleep to a glowing fire in the bedroom. Photo by Kuvio, via ArchDaily


While I have to wonder if it’s impossible to keep this clear glass surround clean, I can’t help but smile at this fresh take on a chimney. The log storage niche is an ingenious addition. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest


This gorgeous loft looks super toasty thanks to a super-cool fireplace/wood stove hybrid. Kinda makes you want to gather around it and have a singalong. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest

jenny kayne

Finally, I love a bedecked mantle/chimney. This one is is strong in its elegant simplicity.Photo by Yayo Ahumada, floral design by Moon Canyon, via Domaine Home


Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Bringing Modern Style To Your Outdoor Space


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I know some of you poor readers were recently blanketed with even more snow, but it is time to start planning for spring and summer and perking up your outdoor spaces. Since so many of you prefer modern and contemporary styles, here are some easy ways to bring a more modern aesthetic to your outdoor rooms.

Box it in. Square and rectangular planters and benches area an easy way to add clean lines to your patio or porch. Mixing in plants clipped plants with those in their natural forms helps emphasize them as well.

Shop modern outdoor accessories

Add bright bold modern furniture. You can mix more contemporary pieces with traditional outdoor spaces, like farmhouses or log cabin porches. These rockers are a modern take on the traditional Adirondack chair.

Go vertical. Is space tight? Look into planting a vertical garden. While this one is a beautiful professional job that looks like art, it’s easy to add hanging containers like the ones from Wallter. You can even plant edibles in hanging containers.

Light things up with a jolt of neon. Think about what will make your outdoor space an inviting space at night.

via tablet

Give the birds a mod little house.

Add squares. Simple pavers are an inexpensive and easy way to add a modern touch to a path, and help organize the space.

via Clark and Zook Architects, Atlanta

Add a groovy retro fireplace. What I love about Modfire is that it’s portable and much less expensive than hiring a mason. It adds a bold pop of color and will keep you toasty when you want to hang outside on cool nights.

Do you have any plans to modern up your outdoor rooms this spring? Please share them with us in the Comments section. We’d love to see pictures too! We’ll also be adding some of our favorites via Instagram as we come across them on spring house and garden tours.


Friday, September 27th, 2013

Getting Toasty: Where to Put the Firewood


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This was the first week we had a chill in the air here in Atlanta and I could not be happier that the humidity is gone and sweater weather is on its way! Have you called the woodman yet? Whether you have that cord of wood sitting in an unsightly stack in the middle of the yard, you’re ready to do some splitting over the weekend or you want to plan for how to do it with panache, we have some ideas for you about how to keep it looking nice and ready to burn.

This woodpile is huge! While we don’t recommend stacking wood up against a wood deck or siding, on brick against a stone house you’re safe from termites. Give it a little zshush with some windowboxes on top. This time of year, they look great with pumpkins, for the later months, plant them with evergreens or simply switch out boughs of pine, fir or spruce.


I actually like the rustic Paul Bunyon look of a haphazard stack of logs that’s waiting to be split. However, if you’ve ever seen the movie “The Strangers,” you’ll never want to leave an ax outside.

This charming cart is so practical; you can wheel it to wherever you have the logs stashed outside rather than struggling with big bundles.


Do you have a non-working fireplace? Don’t be bummed, you can dress it up with logs. Just make sure they are completely dry before creating a stack like this.

While stacking logs against drywall or masonry may bring in some creepy crawlers, you can take some precautions. Use a metal rack and again, make sure that your wood is dry. Do not place it directly against the wall, scoot it out a few inches. This adds so much texture and rustic visual interest to the room that it seems worth the risk. Plus, it keeps you from having to open up the door and let all the cold in.

In fact, I’m loving this modern take, which combines industrial metal cylinders with the natural wood.

This smart niche is lined in metal to prevent damage to walls, and its scale and shape add a nice contrast to the ornate fireplace surround.

This wall-mounted unit transforms the logs into sculpture and keeps them from touching the drywall.

via Chandos Interiors

This chic log holder doubles as a console table.

How will you be stashing your firewood this winter?