Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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Wallpaper*’s October issue was so good this month that I headed straight over to to check out what they had going on. They have Cool Hunting as a guest editor (I have to say, I much preferred Cool Hunting to Karl Lagerfeld’s spread). They have tons of cool videos like this one of the straw barn being constructed. They have slideshows from far away fashion shows and furniture and design fairs that I would never otherwise be able to “attend.” Here are just a few of my favorites:

A slideshow of The Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. I was sure when I saw this it was designed by Corbusier, but it was designed by Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla in 1938 as a private residence.

The slideshow of landscape hotels, entitled Cabin Class, has me yearning to take off for the woods. This is my kind of camping:

  • Top image is Paolo Navone for Reichenbach, as seen at the Maison et Objet Fair in Paris
  • Second image by Jannes Linders
  • Third image by Jae Feinberg

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

New York Times Home Section: Favorite Features


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If you didn’t pick up a New York Times today, check out the Home Section online. Here are some links to my favorite features this week:

1) I’m loving the slideshow of this modern Sag Harbor home (here’s a sneak peek, the interior floor is actually outdoor decking):

Isn’t this photography as crisp as the architecture in this one? I absolutely love it! The photographer is Michael Weschler.

2)If you like your coastal home a little more beachy, try shopping with India Hicks, queen of the shells.

3) If you’re still depressed about Flint Michigan after watching “Roger and Me,” find a little bit of hope by reading this article.

4) More hope from some industrious interior designers who are riding out the recession is here. Personally, my favorite e-decorator is Vanessa De Vargas. For more information, click here.

top photos by Michael Weschler for The New York Times.

Flint photo by Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times.


Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Quote of the Week


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The funniest thing I read all week, well at first it was a guy saying he had ten cigarettes and coffee before this dance class, but then even funnier and so perfectly put was Douglas Coupland (you know, the artist who wrote Generation X) calling the current tear down house replacements in his neighborhood “Carmela Soprano meets Arts and Crafts.” That describes almost every new house in my historic neighborhood to a T.

Check out the full slideshow of Coupland’s home: The man has got an eye for primary colors and shapes like none I have ever seen. The pictures are much more clear and there are a few bonus ones online that were not in the print edition.

To learn more about spandex Sweaty Sunday dance class, click here.

To see great photos of Coupland’s interiors, click here.

photos by Martin Tessler for The New York Times.


Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

New Canaan Preservation Update


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I was so excited to see that New Canaan Connecticut is making great strides in preserving its inventory of modern homes (think The Ice Storm, The Harvard Five, modernhousenotes). The New York Times reports today that “Modern Homes Survey: New Canaan Connecticut” is now available online. Lose yourself in this site for hours, and hope that it will help with the McMansionizing of this iconic NYC bedroom community will cease.

I’ve mentioned them before, but my blogging friends Tom Anderson and Gina Frederico do a great job of keeping us up to date on the modern preservation movement in New Canaan at their blog, modernhousenotes. I’ve even seen their stories cribbed in major newspapers. Also, there will be an exhibition of New Canaan Architects and their work in the Town House all summer, put on by The New Canaan Historical Society.

photo above is The Smallen House by Hugh Smallen, one of my favorites, and was swiped from


Monday, May 18th, 2009

Modern Atlanta House Tour 2009


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I spy Blu Dot Real Good Chairs

Despite the rain, the weird used booties we were forced to wear at many houses (I understand, owners don’t want their floors messed up, but what was wrong with my dry clean socks?), and my lack of expert cartography skills (I got majorly lost over in that navigational nightmare of a Marietta Blvd. area – thank you to the gatehouse guard on Bolton DRIVE for getting me to Bolton ROAD), I thoroughly enjoyed the Modern Atlanta House Tour this year. It was worth braving the rain and the incomplete Google map directions. I’m still trying to figure out why my new iLife 09 is uploading my shots to flickr in a random arrangement and have a ton of organizing to do, but if you want to check out what I saw click here.

Who cares that the neighbors have a fridge in the backyard when you have this view of downtown and midtown right over it?

While I usually avoid Buckhead like the plague because of the nightmarish traffic, I am SO glad I checked out the homes over there. The art collections alone made the house tours like an afternoon at the High Museum, and it was fun to see the fantasy modern lifestyle in addition to the urban pioneer poured concrete lifestyles. The tour had a range of all kinds of modern spaces, neighborhoods and materials. In addition, many of them got their LEED certification on and had great educational signage about all the green moves the designers and builders made. I’ll share the houses with you in more detail as I get my photos organized.

This addition to a traditional Ansley Park house was mind-boggling.

I don’t know if I’d ever actually seen hanging chairs outside of a magazine until yesterday.

Every light fixture and piece of artwork in this swanky Buckhead modern house stopped me in my tracks.