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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

A Marcel Breuer House Tour Opportunity!


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Darn it, I always miss all the good Modern events on Cape Cod! On Saturday October 9, The Cape Cod Modern House Trust will be holding a lecture and tour titled “Marcel Breuer: The Bauhaus Diaspora & The Scott House.” C’mon, how can you resist a lecture with “diaspora” in the title? Here is more information from The Cape Cod Modern House Trust’s blog:

Beginning in the summer of 1937, a small group of some of the modern era’s most important designers and thinkers chose the Cape as a place to congregate and eventually build experimental homes for themselves and their friends.

Among them was the seminal architect Marcel Breuer, who settled in Wellfleet and built four modest wood framed summer homes. Clues to another larger Breuer house in the Mid-Cape existed but information on the house had never been published, its location was unknown and it remained unavailable to scholars.

In 2009, in a collaborative effort between the Museum of Modern Art, the Cape Cod Times, and the Cape Cod Modern House Trust, the Scott house was located in an unaltered state with its original furniture and still owned by the Scott family.

This program begins with a lecture that will illustrate the remarkable history of this convergence of 20th century prime movers on the Cape, Breuer’s work in particular, and will be followed by a tour of the Scott house on nearby Scargo Hill.

Lecture & House Tour with Peter McMahon
Saturday, October 9, 1 – 3 pm
Members: $60 Non-members: $75
Limited to 35 people

To register, call 508-385-4477 ext 16 or sign up online at
For more information, call 508-385-4477 ext 25

Image via The Cape Cod Times by Steve Heaslip

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Flickr Faves on Friday: Bercy Chen Studio


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I love this dynamic project from Bercy Chen Studio LP in Austin Texas, which they submitted to our Fresh New Spaces Group on Flickr. It looks to me like it was inspired by Cargotecture (you know, when architects build structures out of shipping containers). What I love about their work is that it still has that architecture school fearlessness, optimism and creativity that often gets drilled out of architects when they venture out into the real world. When I saw this picture, my first thought was “well, night architectural photography is always sexier, let’s see it in the light of day”…

Still pretty sexy. However, I have to wonder if Unhappy Hipsters is going to have a field day with that milk crate bicycle basket in the first photo. Here’s the description of the building:

1111 east 11th is a three story mixed use project in the revitalized 11th Street Corridor of Austin TX. The ground floor is divided between an art gallery and boutique retail outlet. The second floor is reserved for office tenants with residential spaces occupying the top floor.

Formally, the shifting floor plates align with area landmarks such as the Texas State Capitol and the UT Austin Tower. The form mimics the geological exfoliation of the central Texas landscape, which can be found at the `Enchanted Rock`, the Texas version of Australia’s Ayres Rock.

The resultant space is a series of unexpected terraces and canopies drawing one outdoors. The cantilevered second floor provides a respite of shade from the intense Texas sun at the entry. The floor plates step back at the rear of the structure allowing it to mediate between the commercial scale of the front and the residential in the back.

All images from Bercy Chen Studio LP


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Modern Real Estate: Preservation Alert


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Thanks to Maya of VisuaLingual for tipping me off to this fantastic house that is a total steal. I grew up very close to this house, and my good pal Jennifer Jowaisas lived right down the street. I had never seen it before. It was the personal home of modern early modern architect Ray Roush, and it’s in Anderson Township, Ohio (a Cincinnati burb, about 10-15 minutes from downtown). Roush served as a mentor to Michael Graves, who later wrote the forward to a book about Roush and his colleague, Carl Strauss.

This house seems to have gone into foreclosure and is on the market for $135,000. The original realtor, Susan Rissover, would love to see it preserved so much that even though it is no longer her listing, she is making people aware of it on her website. It is a wonderful modern preservation opportunity. While Susan took these pictures in 2007, she went back to check out the property a few months ago and discovered that it had been vandalized, which makes us both sick to our stomachs. While it wasn’t anything that sounded terribly expensive to fix, original fixtures were stolen or damaged. To learn more, check out Oh, and P.S. Susan lists the pros and cons of the house, and from spending a lot of time in the area as a kid, I can tell you there are big scary snakes on all around Five Mile Road. I don’t know if any of them were poisonous, but they are big, and they made me avoid going outside at Jennifer’s house as much as possible.


Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

P.S. Speaking of L.A. …


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…Richard Neutra’s former home, one of the only buildings of his open to the public, needs a whole lot of help. I’m surprised none of the stars are stepping up, because I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: When Hollywood types like to talk like they know something about architecture they say they love Neutra, and when they really think they’re being impressive, they say they love Lautner. This place needs Pamela Anderson to swoop in with a big fat check. I think Diane Keaton’s into FLW and Brad Pitt’s off working on architecture that actually houses real people. I’m out of ideas. Anyway, so far no one has stepped up, so to find out more about what’s going on with this Silver Lake gem and how you can help, click here.

photo by David Hartwell via Preservation Magazine


Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Beautiful Modern Architecture in Brazil


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If you’re busy getting organized, take a break for a second and check out this dreamy slideshow over at Wallpaper*. One project is by MPG Arquitetura, and it’s a total fantasy. Here’s a teaser:

photographs by Denilson Machade and Alain Brugier, as seen at


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