Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Bare Bones NYTIMES


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Years ago, this blog grew out of a Design Public newsletter I wrote on a monthly basis. One of my favorite features was the customer profile, which we hoped to continue here on the blog as often as possible. PLEASE, if you want to show off your home, EMAIL US at! We’d love to share it with everyone. You do NOT have to have any Design Public products in your shots, but if you have ordered anything from us, we’d love to see how it fits into your lifestyle.

I realized we have not done a customer profile in awhile when I saw this feature in The New York Times yesterday. In a nutshell, architect Koray Duman found a cramped, dark, 2 bedroom Manhattan apartment on Craigslist and was able to envision its open sunlit potential. With $25K, a lot of sweat, and the help of some friends, Duman realized his vision of the stripped-down bright space. A major factor in his success was minimizing free standing furniture to keep the floors clear. In addition to pieces from IKEA and a sculptural radiator from, he picked up these MASH Studios pieces from Design Public:

Readers, please, don’t make me have to wait until your abode is featured in a national paper to see it! Email us and show off your stuff! Don’t be intimidated by how cool this pad is; I give this one a perfect ten. Often the fives are a lot more interesting and relatable than the tens. If you’re feeling like you’re at a one, send in some shots and tell us about your design struggles and we’d be happy to help.

all photos by Phil Mansfield for The New York Times. To see the entire slideshow house tour, click here.