Friday, September 10th, 2010

Flicker Faves on Fridays: Anne-Lynn’s Lovely Living Room


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I recently spied this photo in our Fresh New Spaces Group on flickr, from flickr member lakbdesign/fergusandme She left this caption underneath: “I found this screen at my favorite consignment shop last week and promptly fell in love with it – it has sailing ships and charming flagged towers and pretty, graphic clouds and whitecaps, and best of all, a saltire.” I love the screen too. Its a unique element that draws the eye right to it and gives the room an eclectic jolt. I love the way it’s placed and that it’s not a typical framed painting. I also love the playful relationship it has with that gorgeous chandelier. The room is soft and calming, and full of interesting textures. It’s such a perfect balance, right down to the basket in the fireplace.

Just for fun, let’s check out the maritime details revealed in this angle:

Somehow this room has a kitschy seahorse lamp in it (LOVE IT!), yet it manages to remain very sophisticated. Thank you for sharing these lakbdesigns/fergusandme! Oh, and to learn more, check out Lynn-Anne’s blog. Her house is amazing – I’ll give you a teaser: Polar Bear Wallpaper.