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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

A Trip to Maine, Baby Robins and a Thomas Paul Rug


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I just picked up a Thomas Paul Robin rug in powder and cream and I could not be more thrilled (I’m also super-psyched about my new plaid Sperry Topsiders, but that’s a whole other story):

While I’ll laugh myself silly over Portlandia‘s “Put a Bird On It,” I still love birds on things. I’m up at our family place in Maine, and upon arrival, we were greeted by a nest full of robin’s eggs (the marine lanterns were my great grandfather’s and we had them turned into the porch lights). You can see the back of the nest cascadng down the side here; I’m too short too get a good shot!

I climbed up on a stepladder to get a peek at the baby birds when I saw that their mom was busy crapping on my parents’ black car again:

Obviously, a robin feeding her baby on a rug was an appropriate choice for the bedroom I use. This is the room the kiddos in the family also use when they are up here, so I originally decorated it around a favorite bright Fairfield Porter poster from The Farnsworth Museum. We’d been needing an area rug for three years now, but I like to wait until I find the perfect thing:

Here’s a peek at some of the little deets, like Mr. Lobster and a fun throw pillow from Mainer Angela Adams:

A wooden boat picked up at an antique store and a Seth Thomas clock that’s been here since before I was born.

A hint at the lobstering harbor view; it’s pretty gray today, but the sea is right beyond that deck railing:

Here’s a little more Maine color eye-candy:

If you’ve never been to mid-coast Maine, I cannot recommend it enough. Just be sure to come with an appetite for lobsters and arm yourself witha lot of bug repellent.

Click here to buy your own Robin rug


Monday, August 8th, 2011

Inspiration Monday: The Work of Eric Hopkins


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Are you familiar with the artist Eric Hopkins? His beautiful renderings of Maine’s landscapes continue long tradition of artists being inspired by the sublime landscape there. This list includes Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, Alex Katz, Winslow Homer and Neil Welliver. If you’re lucky enough to be in Maine this summer, check out his gallery in Rockland (a stone’s throw from The Farnsworth Museum) and/or his show at Isalos Fine Art in Stonington, Maine.

All images via, property of Eric Hopkins. All rights reserved.


Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Owl’s Head Light


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The other day I had a truly thrilling experience of space. After climbing to the top of the stairs to check out the view from the base of Owl’s Head Light, I realized the front door was open and I could go in and climb up to the top. In the sixty some years my mother has been visiting this lighthouse, this has never been possible, and were were psyched! I couldn’t get over how beautiful the inside of this small cylinder was, yet the space was so nice and not at all claustrophobic:

Did I mention that restoration was completed on the lighthouse just a few weeks ago? The restoration was made possible by The American Lighthouse Foundation, as well as The Friends of Rockland Breakwater. Lighthouses are such special places and have such long and heroic histories. I wanted to let you know about this organization so that if you have a passion for lighthouses, you can think about donating.  Just look at how spiffy she looks!


Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Vacationland


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Well, I’m on vacation, so I am totally phoning in this post and just sharing a few shots I’ve taken in Maine so far. I’m giving them to you a whole 12 hours ahead of time.


Monday, June 21st, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Furniture Making


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O.K., I admit it. I’m on vacation, and I forgot to bring the little cord that hooks up my camera to my computer, so I’m going to post something about whatever I can find in my iPhone pictures. This narrows it down to the furniture making place I went the other day near Lincolnville Beach. It is a picturesque spread full of unbelievably beautiful handmade Shaker-inspired furniture, crafted from gorgeous wood. When we are so used to cruising around the internet or the mall in search of furniture, sometimes we lose touch with where it came from. I am lucky enough to get to go to furniture shows and meet designers and artisans because I work for Design Public, but I forget that customers don’t always have those same attachments. It’s so nice to visit a place like this and remember where the furniture comes from, and the traditions of craft that have been passed down for generations.

If you do get to the Penobscot Bay area this summer, you must stop by and see all of this beautiful furniture for yourself at Windsor Cabinetmakers. For more information, click here.


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