Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

House Beautiful Follows a Sixties Ranch Modern Makeover


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Do you ever read about someone and everything about them just resonates with you? I chuckled when I read that Annie Selke was downsizing from her 8 bedroom 1887 Berkshires house to a sixties ranch half its size because “I knew I had to move after watching Grey Gardens on HBO. I thought ‘That could be me one day, surrounded by my dogs and piles of old magazines, with raccoons living in the empty rooms.'” Hmmm, that sounds so familiar – I wonder if Annie has ever caught an episode of Hoarders on A&E? She also recommends hiring an opinionated professional organizer and leaving town when you sell off the leftovers. In addition, she says she was drawn to her current sixties ranch house because she was in a Mad Men frame of mind. Oh, by the way, Annie is the visionary behind Pine Cone Hill, and as I was reading this article I was wearing the softest pink fuzzy Pine Cone Hill top that my mom gave me for Christmas (every woman in our family now has one. If you’ve never tried their PJs, I highly recommend them!).

So, I read all about Annie in the February 2010 issue of House Beautiful that arrived today. I am so excited to follow their new year-long series which will follow Annie as she renovates her new ranch. Her friend and architect, John Gilmer, will be helping her every step of the way.

While you’re going to have to buy the current issue of HB in order to follow Annie, it’s worth it. Here’s a peek at another one of her designs on the cover a year ago.

Already a House Beautiful fan? Don’t miss the ladies of The Skirted Roundtable chatting with Stephen Drucker, the Editor-in-Chief of HB.

House Beautiful cover photographed by John Kernick


Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Sites We Love:


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Wallpaper*’s October issue was so good this month that I headed straight over to to check out what they had going on. They have Cool Hunting as a guest editor (I have to say, I much preferred Cool Hunting to Karl Lagerfeld’s spread). They have tons of cool videos like this one of the straw barn being constructed. They have slideshows from far away fashion shows and furniture and design fairs that I would never otherwise be able to “attend.” Here are just a few of my favorites:

A slideshow of The Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. I was sure when I saw this it was designed by Corbusier, but it was designed by Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla in 1938 as a private residence.

The slideshow of landscape hotels, entitled Cabin Class, has me yearning to take off for the woods. This is my kind of camping:

  • Top image is Paolo Navone for Reichenbach, as seen at the Maison et Objet Fair in Paris
  • Second image by Jannes Linders
  • Third image by Jae Feinberg

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Twitter Faves on Saturday


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I just found Coastal Living on Twitter today and have whiled away about an hour after being sucked into their website. Here are the original images that got me started on my intense browsing. They make me long for the ocean:

Love the Bertoias with the Saarinen tulip table, the blue, the wood, and most of all the view:

Love the way these Emeco chairs work in this shot:

I’m totally going to steal this color palette!:

The stainless steel countertops really work well here. Even though this kitchen is sleek, it’s still warm somehow:

all photography from Photographers in order are:

  • Brian Vandan Brink
  • Lisa Romerein
  • Roger Davies
  • Brian Vandan Brink

Friday, April 17th, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Around the Web this Week


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Now that I’m finally addicted to Twitter, I found this great link over at dezeen via Paul Pincus. Be sure to check out the entire post for a ton of great exterior and interior photographs:


Long Tall House is a residential project in Tokyo, Japan, by Kagawa Takanori and Tappei Ito of Spacespace.


This is cool! Wallpaper* magazine has a interactive floor plans on the site. Check it out here.


Scrumptious journals by Patty Van Dorin that I will never be able to begin to rival over at decor8, as well as the South of France book:

photo via

Still laughing at the moggitgirls snark. Here’s a favorite from this week.

Got a “sneak peak” at the home of Meg Crossley, editor of Canadian House and Home magazine (a great glossy to pick up in these dark days of magazines folding) via Poppytalk:

photo by Poppytalk via Design*Sponge Guest Blog

I fear Twitter is feeding my increasing A.D.D. problem. I want all the information right now in 140 character words or less. With links. Feed me, feed me, feed me! I haven’t really read any blogs the old fashioned way since I joined, I just wind up following the ones I like and using their Twitter links. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon, as I am late to the Twitter party anyway. I tried to figure it out back when Design Public joined and I had no idea what it was. Now I just want to do my Hatch blog posts in 140 characters or less. Is all this typing and photo insertion really necessary, or should I just “RT” all day long? I don’t know! Should I even bother to have real conversations with my friends, or just “@” them back on Twitter? Just how much more will my grammar deteriorate as I struggle to keep everything as brief as possible?