Monday, October 4th, 2010

Inspiration Monday: The Turtle People


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Last night I read my New York Times Sunday magazine in bed and was very moved by an article about the “Turtle People” on the panhandle of Florida and the Gulf Coast of Alabama. These volunteers helped keep the Loggerhead turtle nests guarded from the oil spill clean up crews, as well as taking the eggs, shipping them via FedEx (FedEx’s best P.R. move since their product placement in Cast Away) to the Atlantic coast, where the hatchlings survive by floating on sargassum (seaweed mats) during their lost years. The Turtle People talk about the addiction of looking for mothers coming onshore to dig their nests, and watching the hatchlings emerge from the sand to find their way to water. For years they have been shading these newborns from artificial light that can lure them toward parking lots instead of the water, as well as digging trenches for them to follow. I was hooked and became  a virtual Turtle person just reading about this 700 million year old species. The article literally brought tears to my eyes. When you need a little lift this week, I highly recommend reading it. Click Here. Cheers to the Turtle People!

image by Katherine Wolkoff for The New York Times