Friday, November 27th, 2009

Trends: The Union Jack


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While I’m thankful that our forefathers got rid of those pesky British taxes that didn’t have representation and all, I am always a sucker for a Union Jack. I think my favorite use of it lately was the quilts featured on Man Shops World by Becky Oldfield. Here are a few more dreamy shots of the U.K.’s flag I’ve been collecting lately:

keith johnson uj ed waldron

Check out Timothy Oulton’s sofa:

michael falco nytimes timothy oulton

A dash of Vivienne Westwood (she’s been doing this a long time) via Living Etc.:
LE Jo Berrymant64c3feb5f33

LE Jo Berrymant

From Natural Curiosities:
nat cur BRIT

From Made By Girl:
made by girl via houzz

From Jonathan Adler:
ja union jack

From one of the designers of Libertine, as seen in Domino.
domino union jack

From the fabulous Bonnie Cashin:
bonnie cashin

From Naked Decor:
Quilt image by William Waldron via Elle Decor
Sofa image by Michael Falco for The New York Times
Living Etc. images by Jo Berryman for Living Etc.
via Natural Curiosities
Bonnie Cashin Foundation


Friday, November 13th, 2009

My New Favorite Panton Chair Shot


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I’m giving flickr a rest today because frankly, I can’t seem to stop surfing Living etc. It’s been to long since my last visit over there. People keep using Panton chairs in such great ways. My new favorite is this rhapsody in blue over at Living etc. This is a modern cottage in Melbourne Australia and this space rocks. Love the crazy nest/beaver habitat of a chandelier. Love the use of the navy chairs. Love the light ceiling abutting that dark wall & matching cabinets. Love the floor, love the table, love the contrast of the modern, curvy plastic chairs with the slightly rough hewn, blocky table. What the hell is that flower arrangement? I must love it as well, as this all just works.

To pick up some Panton chairs of your own, click here. They are $260 each.

image via Living etc. Are there many magazine sites with better galleries than Living etc.? My only wish is that the images were larger, but that’s a very minor quibble. I love the quality of all of their picks, and the site architecture is great. Let’s hope the shelter mag blight does not reach them.