Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Owl’s Head Light


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The other day I had a truly thrilling experience of space. After climbing to the top of the stairs to check out the view from the base of Owl’s Head Light, I realized the front door was open and I could go in and climb up to the top. In the sixty some years my mother has been visiting this lighthouse, this has never been possible, and were were psyched! I couldn’t get over how beautiful the inside of this small cylinder was, yet the space was so nice and not at all claustrophobic:

Did I mention that restoration was completed on the lighthouse just a few weeks ago? The restoration was made possible by The American Lighthouse Foundation, as well as The Friends of Rockland Breakwater. Lighthouses are such special places and have such long and heroic histories. I wanted to let you know about this organization so that if you have a passion for lighthouses, you can think about donating.  Just look at how spiffy she looks!