Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Spiffing Up the Laundry Room


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Are you one of those people who actually feels like most of your decorating is done and you’re Jonesing for another project? Look to the laundry room. These utilitarian closets are usually quite neglected and dreadfully dull. Stuck with some boring, 15 year old appliances? Don’t think for a second you need shiny red front loaders to have a cool looking laundry space. Here’s a look at some easy ways to make your laundry room wow.

1. Put up wallpaper. Nothing livens up a wall like a bold pattern. While wallpaper can be costly, the good news is, your small laundry room probably wont require much of it. I love the way interior designer Tamara Magel took the paper right up the slanted ceiling.

2. Add a backsplash. Again, the small amount you’ll need will mean you won’t need to order much tile. What I especially love about this room is that it’s as small as they come, taking up only the space between bi-fold doors. This metallic backsplash would make me want to keep those suckers open and show off my laundry room all the time. The hangers for air drying are also a smart touch.

3. Get a great light overhead. Who says a laundry room isn’t fancy enough for a crystal chandy? Just make sure the room is large enough to meet safety codes.

Also, are you noticing how handy a few simple cabinets come in? Hit up the Re-Store and salvage some for a bargain. You’ll have plenty of spot for your Tide, Shout, Dryel, what have you …

4. Go bold with color. If you want to avoid the expense of hiring a pro to hang wallpaper or put up tile, hit the paint store. Don’t fear not matching the rest of your home; the laundry room is one of those great spaces like a first floor powder room that you can shut off.

5. Match up some fun art with the room. Why not? Whether it’s the cute clothespin mat or the laundry line piece seen above, the laundry room is one spot where we can go a bit theme-y and not feel cheesy about it.


Friday, June 5th, 2009

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Bold Blues


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Here are some of my favorite blue rooms:

This one comes from flickr member peachheights:

new computer desk

This relaxing bedroom comes from supershoppertoo’s photostream:


I love how purplepleasuredesigns has transformed this IKEA dresser with blue:

My new old Ikea Dresser

If you are scared of bright colors, experiment in a closet or a laundryroom like peacock-feather did here:

Laundry room decor

Love the shade that .YOKOO picked for this workspace:

Quiet Afternoon


Monday, January 5th, 2009

Benita of Chez Larsson Sorts the Laundry Room


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Benita of blog Chez Larsson decided in May of 2008 to start sharing her organizing mania and neatness with the masses instead of keeping them to all to herself. Her blog, www.chezlarsson.typepad.com, focuses on home life the clean, bright, white, organized and Scandinavian way. Benita lives in a small 1930’s house in a Stockholm suburb and that’s where all the organizing action takes place.

Recently one of my readers, Lynda, sent me an e-mail asking for help with her laundry room. I can sort of see why she’s desperate:

Lynda needs the space for more than just laundry. Her pantry is in there just behind the door and she also needs to store dishes, pet products and craft items.

Solution: every organization starts with editing. Edit, edit, edit! This basically means you open one drawer or cabinet at a time and ruthlessly get rid of the things that are no longer in use. Get a trash bag and a box for charity out and divided the things you no longer need. Keep asking yourself all through the process if you use the item or not. When in doubt, throw out.

You then sort what’s left. In Lynda’s case I suggest she starts off by putting all her kitchen related items in Read the rest of this entry »