Friday, January 20th, 2012

Around the Web This Week


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1. New Rue! I especially loved the great photographs of the minis, which made me miss my dollhouse terribly. Fabulous spaces and photography are waiting for you in the January/February Rue.

image by  John Stoffer via Rue

2. Blu Dot picked not once, but twice in The Thursday NYTimes “Shopping With” section. Author Arthur Phillips rounded up writing desks for them this weekend and picked out The Cant Desk:

and The Stash Desk:

I was also strangely fascinated by the house tours of the former homes of Mexican drug dealers who had been caught. The last image of a drug dealer house south of the border I had in my head was the incredible spread from Romancing the Stone.

3. Loving Style List’s Home Improvement Projects That Cost Under $10. Yeah, we already knew all of these, but it’s really nice to have 14 of them gathered in one well-written place.

4. Finally, I love seeing the way celebs live. Since Cribs never seems to be on anymore, I’m extra thankful to Casa Sugar for keeping track of movie star moving (why do they move like every year? I never really realized that until Larry David mocked the phenomenon by moving every year on Curb Your Enthusiasm). Here’s Rose McGowan’s new pad in Hollywood:

(SIDE NOTE: I could swear this house was on that Bravo show with those annoying guys who sell million dollar real estate. Some total tool with a Lambo or a Ferrari or Doc’s DeLorean or something was thinking about buying the house and then bottomed out on this driveway which killed the deal, no? Maybe not.)

5. Also in celeb real estate news, you can check out Steven Tyler’s new digs over at I am biting my tongue and not working in some lame line that incorporates Aerosmith lyrics. Steven is still tied with Lil’ Jon as my most striking celebrity sighting ever.