Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Two, Make that Three, Quick Notes…


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One, don’t forget to comment on the David Stark post for a shot at winning his gorgeous book! Right now, those who have commented have a one in sixteen chance of winning, which is not too shabby!

Two, check out this Jane Fonda inspired room over at Decor Demon. Remember that crazy lady singing during the workout video? It’s etched on my brain forever, but luckily since reading this post, the song going through my head is “9 to 5” …it’s all takin’ and no givin’ they just…use your mind…ahhhh Dolly. How about a Dolly Parton room next Brian? You are one of the only design blogs that has text I am dying to read, and it makes me laugh every time. Oh, and we’re glad you didn’t add Jane’s mug shot, as this is an object from our design drinking game.  It seemed to pop up in every other Met Home and Elle Decor shoot for awhile there. I’m not sure if one stylist was taking it from shoot to shoot or if it was just that popular!

Third, I almost forgot to tell you, Thom Filicia is speaking at SCAD Atlanta at 7:00 tonight. It’s in the Digital Media Center. I am trying to figure out where that is, as the only SCAD phone number that ever seem to pop up are for the admissions office or ShopSCAD.

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image by Sarah Dorio for Decor Demon