Friday, September 4th, 2009

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Carolina Eclectic


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Don’t start flickring through Carolina Eclectic’s photos unless you have a lot of time to spare. I kept going through until my laptop battery died. Carolina Eclectic is the owner of Carolina Saunders design, and has a fabulous blog here. Photos include lovely shots of even lovlier shops, fun flea market trips, creative designs, her dream homes and more. Check out the images that have inspired her here. Here are just a few faves to pique your interest:

Thank you Carolina Eclectic!


Monday, August 31st, 2009

Inspiration Monday: Raoul Dufy


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Last week I was feeling uninspired and started the week off with some favorite works by Paul Klee. It seemed like a very good way to start off the worst day of the week, so today I’m going to treat you to some inspiration compliments of Raoul Dufy. Speaking of, did anyone manage to make it to the exhibition in Mississippi this summer? Does anyone know if that the end of the tour? I can’t seem to find any additional cities after Jackson. I kept thinking I’d make it, but sadly I never did.


Casino at Nice

Red Concert

Harbor at Deauville

Blue Mozart

The Orchestra. I like to compare this to his sketch below. It reminds me just how much I stink at line drawing when I see how masterful his is:

I found all of these in a little book from The Pocket Library of Great Art. It cost me $2.50, a whopping 2.5 times the original cost, which was 95 cents in 1953. What a little used bookstore treasure!


Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Inspiration from Steve Martin


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I’m reading Steve Martin’s memoir, Born Standing Up. It’s a fun read, and I find myself folding back corners to go back to certain quotes that make me smile. He self-effacingly shares a letter he wrote to a girlfriend back when he was around 20 and just starting to put together about ten minutes worth of an act. Here’s the end of the letter and his commentary on it:

Then I added:

“I have decided my act is going to be avant-garde. It is the only way to do what I want.”

I’m not sure what I meant, but I wanted to use the lingo, and it was seductive to make these pronouncements. Through the years, I have learned there is no harm in charging oneself up with delusions between moments of valid inspiration.

First this made me laugh, thinking about how many people try so hard to be avant-garde without really knowing what the heck they are talking about, covering up bad design/art/performance with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo archispeak that no one is able to follow. But then the cynic in me shut up and I smiled at the lesson  Martin had gleaned from his insecurely pretentious former self. Remember to charge yourself up with delusions between moments of valid inspiration!

Martin’s performing notes he jotted down after a magic show he performed as a kid.

Image by Steve Martin, as seen in Born Standing Up.


Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Light Locations: Modern Inspiration


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In searching for new inspiration for my loft I came across an AMAZING visual resource: The UK based site rents the homes and apartments for photo shoots…what a photographer’s paradise! The main emphasis is on all white interiors (my dream) but if you are not into lots of white there are a smattering of other styles and collections worth viewing. And let me tell ya, their photos make the spaces look very very good.

A few of my favorite images:
www.lightlocations.comAnd, a converted church:

All photos from


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Ali is moving and needs your support


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I am moving to a new space and I know I am going to need some mental support. I know, people move every day so it is not a big deal, but because moving is such a source of stress I think there should be a support group out there to help us who are feeling crazed (as I am). I’ve been bugging the folks in my office about the move for long enough that I now need a new outlet (aka the blog and you!).

The move is a totally great thing as we’ll be upgrading from 502 square feet to nearly 1200 square feet, but when you go from a cozy small craftsman style apartment to a spacious loft the headache in figuring out how best to use the space (let alone the moving process) is a little overwhelming.

Here is a photo of the space from the loft/bedroom area:

Ali\'s loft

To give you an idea as to what I am working with

  • It is a corner unit so there are two walls of windows.
  • The red industrial beam going across the theater curtains is about 17 feet high from the floor. From floor to ceiling we’re talking about 30+ feet.
  • The theater curtains (although not the most attractive) are staying which while keeping the sun out of our eyes also saves us from paying $283795729385 for fabric.
  • The floor space in the living area is huge…I am Read the rest of this entry »