Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Stuff We Love Online this Week


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While twittering around this week, somehow a Poppytalk/Paris Hotel tweet exchange led me to Balustrade and Bitters magazine. Wowzah! How did I miss this one? Be sure to check out this month’s interview with Jack Deamer.

When I love a blog/online magazine a lot, I start clicking around on the ads just to help them out. However, the ad for Colleen & Company led me to all kinds of fantastic, glamorous things, my favorite being these scrumptiously dreamy watercolors by Victoria Molinelli. Everything about them reminds me of two of my favorite blogs, The Peak of Chic and Style Court.

Does anyone know who did these rooms? If I had to guess, I’d say Billy Baldwin or Albert Hadley. I’m sure that green sectional room is some iconic design and I should be embarrassed not to be able identify it. However, life’s too short. Anyone know?

The limited edition prints are available, signed and numbered 1-25, at Colleen and Company. Images by Victoria Molinelli, via Colleen and Company


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Yikes! “Celebrity” Decor


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I’m not going to get into what “celebrity” means these days; as Joel McHale says, Kim Kardashian is famous for having a big a** and a sex tape,” but it cracks me up that celebrities in L.A. seem to move every year. It also cracks me up that Larry David pokes fun of this by having his Curb Your Enthusiasm persona move every season for reasons like having a wire they think is ugly in the backyard, or too many movies being shot on the street. Thank you so much to Vanessa for tweeting me this Luxist post featuring Kim Kardashian’s condo, which is currently on the market for a million plus bucks. I would like to point out a few massive design cliches that appear here.

Sometimes candles don’t make the room. Neither do hideous throw pillows. And a neutral palette doesn’t necessarily bring the calm:

Just as a big huge brass Buddha/Yogi/not sure (don’t mean to offend, I’m sure the owner doesn’t know who this is or what the meaning is either) doesn’t necessarily bring the “Zen”:

A big crystal chandelier and big tufted headboards and lots of mirrored furniture and

volumes of fabric for draperies do not equal “Hollywood glamor.” Sometimes they just equal “tacky bordello boudoir.”

I do, however, like where this bathroom was going – the wallpaper, glossy black ceiling, and light fixtures are doing it for me, while the floors and off-the-rack-from-big box store-vanity is not.

Word is that the condo is going for over a million. Also, that cute Hidden Hills house of Kris and Bruce Jenner’s is on the market. I think they lived there for about a minute. I rather liked that they lived in a cozy, not over-adorned, somewhat oversized cottage.

If you think this post is too mean, don’t worry. I’m sure a few of the keywords in this post will have me receiving all kinds of nasty spam comments for months. Instant Karma.

Photos via via realestalker an the MLS service.


Thursday, April 9th, 2009

POP Goes The Table…


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Some of you know that I am HOPELESSLY addicted to The Real Housewives of NYC (and ATL…and Oh Lord, from the NJ preview there will simply be WAY too much decor to make fun of – tassels and roosters and fringe and leather and fake French Chateau and fake Italian Villa EVERYWHERE; I might just spontaneously combust). I look forward to watching this crap all day long on Tuesdays. Yes, I realize that is probably sad.

Anyway, a little background for the table: Jill had her condo made over by her gay husband Brad (pictured above). Keep in mind that Jill’s family business is fabric. Jill thinks she is going from “traditional girl” to “mid-century modern girl.” It’s Hollywood Regency gone way WAY WAY WAY awry Jill. There are turquoise foo dogs EVERYWHERE, not to mention mirrors, crystals, lacquer, harlequin prints, python walls, elephants, birds, abstract sculptural objects…

So, Brad has “marked his territory all over the apartment,” starting with this table. Brad claims this is a custom made work of art and that the scratches on it are part of the art. He says it says “POP”; I say if I had it I would make it say “OPP” as a tribute to Naughty by Nature and my friend Sallie Davis, who used to request that song at every party or bar we set foot in, and she even carried her own mixtape around with her when she went out in case the bartender didn’t have it. Without further ado, the table:


What do you think? Do you think it will look better with stuff on top of it, as Brad claims? How would you arrange the letters? Is this too wannabe Jonathan Adler or do you like it? Can you picture a more appropriate context for it than Jill’s apartment? I feel like there is one out there, but I can’t conjure it up just yet. Maybe at Snap or Crackle’s house? I just don’t know!

Jill loves the apartment minus the tables, so that’s all that matters. 


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Hollywood Regency 101


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via ApartmentTherapy

Let me just say this is the never ending post. I tried to keep it simple but it got away from me. If I don’t simply press “publish,” I’ll never finish it, so I’m just going to do it. Anyway, Hollywood Regency, I don’t quite know how to define it, but I know it when I see it…

About 12 years ago I had the privilege of staying at a Hollywood Director/Vogue photographer’s Alexander house in Palm Springs (my friend’s little brother was his personal assistant at the time). I was still deep into a Shabby Chic phase of decorating, and hadn’t yet attended architecture school. I wasn’t ready for his modern Hollywood Regency style, I didn’t know what a Saarinen tulip table was, I didn’t understand all the shiny surfaces and basket chairs hanging from the trees, but I knew I liked it. This was my intro to Hollywood Regency glam. Now I FANTISIZE about that glamorous modern space.

via Nate Berkus

“Glam it Up” is a buzz phrase I keep hearing over and over. It’s starting to get on my nerves, the same way “zen,” “bring the outdoors in” and “make it pop” sound like such cliches. I guess it’s because people often use the buzz phrases incorrectly to justify some really lame design moves, like that “Glamalicious” nightmare contestant on “Design Star,” or maybe it’s just because I’m grouchy.

It seems that every few years the trend switches from grunge to glam – whether it’s from strict Victorian rules to the freedom of flappers in the roaring ’20’s to the grungy Great Depression, from patcholi hippie style to ’80’s Reagan red and Trump’s King Midas amounts of gold, from the Seattle flannel invasion and heroin chic to Courtney Love getting a Hollywood stylist for her Oscar nomination (not that Galliano gown with real trash stuck to it, but rather the glamourous perfect People Vs. Larry Flynt Courtney!), we’re always seesawing from grunge to glam to grunge. My theory is that the influx of glamour right now it’s a bit of backlash against minimalism by those of us who love to insert our sense of humors into our style at home. Cluttering up the barest minimal – it’s like attacking a severly simple Calvin Klein outfit with a Bedazzler filled with Swarovski crystals. Read the rest of this entry »