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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Another Fabulous Online Design Magazine: High Gloss


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Welcome High Gloss Magazine! I actually heard about this magazine the other night while watching Chelsea Lately from Ms. Handler herself (the contents of her purse are featured in one spread). Wow, while the print magazines are disappearing, it’s opening up a lot of opportunities for enterprising creatives to create online magazines. High Gloss, you had me with the ivory donut phone and the twin Dorothy Draper dressers on the cover…


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Joel McHale’s Hollywood Hills Home


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I was already really jealous of Joel McHale’s wife, as she is married to one tall hilarious drink of water, but then in this month’s In Style I saw what a talented interior designer she is and I became even more jealous. She and her co-collaborator, Elizabeth Gordon both used to work for Kelly Wearstler. The result is a lovely home that’s got bits of regency and bravura modern all over the place. Here’s a peak at the McHales’ Hollywood Hills casa:

I spy DwellStudio bedding in their son Eddie’s room:

Photographs by Douglas Friedman for In Style


Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Kelly Wearstler’s Hue


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It’s here, it’s here! I love it when UPS, a.k.a. The Amazon Fairy*, brings me pre-ordered treats. Today it was Hue by Kelly Wearstler. This book is stunning. I think half of the designs are the exact opposite of ANYTHING I would ever have in my house, but here’s what. Remember when Domino featured Wearstler’s Bravura Modern poolhouse and everyone was all “what in the hell is this?!?!?!?” I was like that too – I wrote about it in an incoherent fashion here. However, take a look around.

Look at the boxes bedecked with clunky stones. Then look at the clunky rocky Rachel Zoe-y jewelry that is in fashion today. Look at the crazy blobby furniture and then check out what Calvin Klein Home, Fendi Casa and Armani Casa are offering right now. Look at the Keith Haring-esque custom wallpapers Basquiat paintings and think of how graffiti and the culture of the streets has infiltrated so many aspects of the avant garde and mainstream culture. Hear the theme from “Miami Vice” start to go through your head as you look at Kelly’s main residence, and then look at the eightiss leggings and shoulder pads that are ruling the runways right now (personally, this girl sported both of those in the eighties and will not be repeating herself. For the record, I never went near neon or parachute pants). I digress: Wearstler sets the trends.

As for the book, the photography is beautiful. The names of the hues themselves (i.e. “camellia,” “wisteria,” “vermillion”) and the coordinating colored pencils, sketches, and idea-scapes** that go with them are inspiring. Think about all those chic steakhouses with white-painted exposed brick walls, statement light fixtures (perhaps a series of oversized drum shades in black), and spare decoration, then check out how Wearstler’s bars, restaurants and lobbies celebrate being ornate and stimulate your eyeballs and your conversations. It’s fun to look around a space in awe and feel your jaw drop whether you like the decor or not.



So, to sum up ever so briefly:

LIKE: Fashion as inspiration (I’m such a Kelly geek I recognized half her featured clothes from Top Design and magazine spreads).

DISLIKE: Cheesy styling of shoes in the photos – in between chairs, next to the bed – when will people stop doing the thing where they throw the Manolos or the Loubies into a room shot like it’s icing on the cake?

LIKE: The fact that she goes all out, no compromises, when designing her own homes

DISLIKE: The thought of having to live in one of her houses. I could not sleep with a crazy huge head vase full of flowers looking at me. It can’t be very feng shui.

LIKE: The way the crazy sculptures remind me of Duran Duran album covers

DISLIKE: The crazy sculptures

LIKE: The gorgeous photography, the lack of useless drivel that no one is going to read, the self-awareness that this tome’s purpose is enrapturing eye candy.

DISLIKE: That half of the photos were revealed in magazines already.

LIKE: The wallpapered ceilings, the gorgeous linens for Sferra

DISLIKE: Oh, who cares, enough negativity. I am totally in love with this book. Perhaps it’s because that first Domino poolhouse feature gave me ample time to get used to it.


To check out some potential Wearstler precedents, read this post.

*My Fine Garden, I totally swiped that from the tweet you sent me!

**I hate to add “-scapes” to words, especially “bedscape,” but I have no vocabulary today. These were basically assemblages.


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Prized Possessions: What’s Yours?


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Decorators should never insist on throwing out everything the client has. Even when they are far from perfect, loved possessions add personality.

-Billy Baldwin

What are your loved possessions? Please share them with us! I’ll start: Two of mine are these Staffordshire dogs that were my grandmother’s. They always sat on her mantle on Cape Cod and they always remind me of her. She was the ultimate animal lover – every bird and stray cat in her neighborhood was fed by her, and her dog Guinness had gourmet meals prepared for him every night.

Now they have separated, one of them has a place of pride on my Parson’s desk:


Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Stuff We Love Online this Week


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While twittering around this week, somehow a Poppytalk/Paris Hotel tweet exchange led me to Balustrade and Bitters magazine. Wowzah! How did I miss this one? Be sure to check out this month’s interview with Jack Deamer.

When I love a blog/online magazine a lot, I start clicking around on the ads just to help them out. However, the ad for Colleen & Company led me to all kinds of fantastic, glamorous things, my favorite being these scrumptiously dreamy watercolors by Victoria Molinelli. Everything about them reminds me of two of my favorite blogs, The Peak of Chic and Style Court.

Does anyone know who did these rooms? If I had to guess, I’d say Billy Baldwin or Albert Hadley. I’m sure that green sectional room is some iconic design and I should be embarrassed not to be able identify it. However, life’s too short. Anyone know?

The limited edition prints are available, signed and numbered 1-25, at Colleen and Company. Images by Victoria Molinelli, via Colleen and Company