Friday, January 13th, 2012

Five Easy Organizing Projects for 2012


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Harummph. Have you lost steam after the initial resolution excitement and are at the point of giving up? Don’t do it! Do a small project that will give you a sense of satisfaction and give you your confidence back! Here are some ideas:

ONE: Instead of saying “I’m going to completely reorganize the 10,000 pictures I have in iPhoto into properly titled albums and make books and cards and upload half of them to Flickr and – and – and –,” grab one box of old-school actual photos and fill one old-fashioned album.

Don’t these beautiful cloth-colored KOLO photo albums make you miss photo albums?

TWO: Instead of tackling that entire closet, tackle one measly drawer, or one simple task like your jewelry. For inspiration, check out Closet Designer to the Stars Lisa Adams’ guest posts. She’s incredible!

This offer is also good for simply sorting out your notecards and other types of cards. I love this cabinet that Lockette has organized in her studio:

photo by Lockette

THREE: Get that Dopp kit or cosmetic bag ready for your next trip. Seriously, is there anything worse than trying to throw that stuff together at the last minute? I always forget my face stuff or my contact case or something else very important. Also, one of the only pleasurable things about a trip to CVS is perusing the travel-size aisle. While you’re at it, clean our your bag and toss all of those ancient hotel conditioners that have 1/2″ left in the bottom, the unraveled Q-Tips and the Advil that escaped the bottle and has stained the inside brown. Better yet, toss the whole thing and get a new bag.

photo: Flowie

photo: Blu Dot

FOUR: As for the office, so maybe you didn’t revamp that filing system and sort every single file, putting every piece of paper in alphabetical then chronological order. Take on a drawer and make sure you have a handy spot for your stapler, your writing utensils, your scissors and your post-its, either in said drawer or in an office organizer.

photo: Vitra

FIVE: Tackle the fridge. I know it isn’t fun or sexy, but it is hygenic, healthy and extremely satisfying when you are done. Wait for the day before you hit the grocery store, so that it will be as empty as possible. Besides, this is a much easier task than tackling the pantry!

photo from

If you’re not psyched to do this, watch an episode of Hoarders. If that doesn’t motivate you, take all the pictures and magnets off your fridge and reorganize those!

Also, I’ve recommended both of these books before, but they really do get your ready to get cracking on projects, I promise:

Unclutter Your Life in One Week! by Erin Doland

The Happy Home Project by Jean Nayar

Let us know if you accomplish any of these, and what other projects you are tackling. I’ll be back next week with five more easy-peasy instant gratification projects!


Monday, January 25th, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Frank Lloyd Wright


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In my effort to not be featured on Hoarders in the next ten years, I have been cleaning out drawers, cabinets, closets and attic spaces since the new year. It’s funny, there are certain items that are considered for the recycling bin each year, but for some reason or another they never quite make it in. Such is true with my Wright Houses 1997 datebook. Holy Moly. That thing is now 13 years old! I tried to turn it into a birthday calendar book so I’d have an excuse to keep it, but there are about four birthdays in there, and besides, that’s what Facebook is for.

So, after already pulling it from the recycling bin AGAIN last week (What if I want to cut out the pictures for my inspiration board? (O.K., then just do it!). What if I make cards out of the pictures (um, Becky, you never send cards anymore, and besides, you have about 200 you can use before you even get to your Wright Houses sloppy glued together 3rd grade postcards. There will be no craft to your tribute to Arts and Crafts). It’s time. I can let go because I have scanned a few favorite images from the photographs to share with you on Inspiration Monday. It’s the first time I’ve been organized enough to have an Inspiration Monday since 2009. Can you imagine how long it would take the Hoarders crew to get my house cleaned out? Viewers at home would say things like “Oh, did you see the crazy cat lady one?” “No man, that’s nothing, what about the crazy girl who had to scan everything before she put it in the dumpster and blog about it?!”

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio 1889-1909

William H. Winslow House 1893

Dana Thomas House 1902

Meyer May House 1908

Fallingwater 1935

Talieson III 1948